Dieting is defined as following a certain method of nutrition by abstaining from eating some items, or focusing on eating other fat-burners in order to lose weight. The intensity of dieting is directly proportional to the goal and inversely proportional to time.

Nutritionists found that the speed and amount of fat burning in the body depends on the person’s gender, daily movement, and blood type; Anyone who wants to lose weight should consult a specialized doctor to avoid wasting time, and to obtain better results.

Ways to lose weight

  • Reducing as much as possible the quantities of foods that contain high calories (fat), and in turn focusing on foods that contain fiber greatly as they make the person feel full for a longer period.
  • Reducing the use of salt, while increasing the rate of drinking water per day.
  • Increase daily activity by increasing movement or exercising.

The most popular types of diet

The types of diet vary from harsh, depending on one or two types of food, to medium, depending on several meals, and permanent or simple, which is not waived except in rare cases, and it is to refrain from eating one or two types of food. We will provide you with the most popular types of diet, according to nutritionists.

In this type, a certain number of points is determined for each category, and everything a person ate from one of the items, the number of points must be recorded so that it does not exceed a certain amount. As for healthy items with few calories, then few points are placed; So that a person can eat them until full, and this does not affect his weight, and the experts evaluated this diet by 9 out of 10.

  • Diet to abstain from fat

This system is based on not eating any food that contains fat, such as nuts and fast food.

  • Fast-acting diet

In this type, the person eats one healthy meal, and it should not exceed 700 calories, and this diet is allowed to drink juice or soup to replace the vitamins provided that they are low in calories.

This type requires that a person eat food saturated with fibers that help to feel full, and thus reduce the amount of food consumed daily, in addition to solving digestive problems, as fiber is known for its strength in relieving the body of toxins, bloating, and others.

  • Diet based on blood type

This type of diet is based on research and experiments that prove the compatibility of some foods and the speed of their burning with a person’s blood type.

The way the diet works

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