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Thursday October 1, 2020

The Ministry of Culture and the Syrian Students’ Union sign a memorandum of understanding

The World – Syria

The memorandum, which was signed on Thursday in the Ministry’s building, which aims to organize cooperation and coordination between the two teams in the implementation of projects and cultural activities related to youth and society, and mechanisms for engaging the local community. Citizenship among the Syrian people and the spread of thought and culture of all kinds, heritage, music, visual and performance arts.

The memorandum emphasizes cooperation in the material capabilities available to the two parties in implementing cultural activity and development projects and exchanging logistical support between the Ministry of Culture and governmental and private universities to establish any cultural or artistic activity while providing psychological support to youth and spreading and consolidating the national culture through the establishment of artistic and creative activities aimed at strengthening attachment. With the land and patriotism, implementing training programs, building capacity for young people, training in some professions and arts, holding workshops, competitions, matches, seminars, forums and cultural celebrations.

The memorandum includes strengthening cooperation in implementing programs aimed at raising awareness of the importance of literature and arts and the values ​​of tangible and intangible heritage, and exchanging information, studies, statistics and experiences related to projects related to activities of common interest.

The Minister of Culture, Dr. Labana Mashouh, explained in a statement to reporters that this memorandum frames a fruitful and future cooperation between the ministry with all its institutions, branches and tools and the Union of Syrian Students, stressing that the Ministry of Culture intends to reach every inch of this country to spread the culture and its values ​​and principles, the most important of which is belonging and citizenship, where it will proceed with plans. Executive tenor of this note.

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President of the National Union of Syrian Students, Darin Suleiman, pointed out in a similar statement that this memorandum expresses common visions between the union and the ministry with the aim of promoting culture, especially after the student segment was damaged during the years of the war on Syria and the need to develop performance and work and develop joint visions and programs concerned with the artistic and cultural field In addition to developing the students ‘taste technically, enhancing the role of cultural centers, and reconnecting them with the students’ segment, because our universities are not only institutions of knowledge, but should be a beacon of culture, as part of an integrated program that leads us to build an educated university generation who is faithful to the Syrian culture and civilization.

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