Liposuction is one of the new types of plastic surgery that emerged in the late twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, and aims to sculpt the body and remove the accumulated fat in different areas of the body, and the areas of the abdomen, chin, arms, legs, back, and breasts are among the most common areas in remove the fat from it;

The liposuction process, like any other process, needs special equipment and tools to do it, as the tool used here is a hollow tool called a (vial), and the method of its work is to insert a thin tube that resembles a huge needle under the skin to a certain extent, through which fat is suctioned, By a high pressure method to accumulate in the bottle, as its mechanism of action is somewhat similar to the mechanism of action of a vacuum cleaner.

Some types of liposuction

  • Breast reduction in women who have large breasts that do not match the size of their body.
  • Breast treatment in men, as men are bothered by the protrusion of breasts that cannot be removed by losing weight.
  • Treatment of fatty bags in different areas of the body, especially large and harmful to the patient.
  • Treatment of problems of metabolism and nutritional distribution of fats in the human body.
  • Treatment and liposuction of the accumulated fat in the chin and face area during the facelift procedure.

liposuction methods

traditional way

In this method, the treating doctor plans on the patient’s body with a specific pen, so he shows the amount of fat to be suctioned from all parts of the body, and the process is done by making a small incision that allows the tool to pass through it to reach the areas of accumulated fat, where the doctor moves the tube in a manner of stabbing forward and backward in successive movements It is quick to break the largest amount of accumulated fat masses, suction them and send them to the outer bottle in the form of a yellow liquid mixed with some blood and solid fats.

Upon completion of the operation, the treated area is wrapped with compression bands or an elastic bandage; To tighten the area, and prevent it from swelling, discoloration, fluid accumulation in it, and a sense of pain, and the time required for recovery is estimated for a full month after the operation, increases or decreases according to the nature of the body.


It is a method that is very similar to the first method, but differs from the method of liposuction, where the process of fracturing is performed by ultrasound waves sent by a special device for this purpose, and after the completion of the task of fracturing in the area, the treated fat is suctioned using the previous traditional liposuction method.

mechanical strength

This method is also similar to the traditional method, but with a slight difference, which is that the mechanical force is in charge of moving the tool inside the body to break down the fatty lumps, instead of being moved by the treating doctor manually.


This process is carried out by exploiting the force of water pushing into the body through a thin spiral tube that is very similar to a fan. It breaks the sebaceous glands, then sucks them with the water used for a bottle outside the body.


The sebaceous glands are broken down by a device that sends waves of lasers to them to break them up and dissolve them, then suction them through a tube outside the body collected in a special vial.

Local anesthesia

Here, the area to be operated on is anesthetized with local anesthesia, mixed with a special substance to melt and break fat, and a special substance for constriction of blood vessels to prevent bleeding. This process is one of the most successful and widely used liposuction procedures in most countries. As it dispenses with the general anesthesia of the body and the risks that may lead to human life.

Note: It is indicated that there are other, more modern methods of liposuction, such as liposuction using external ultrasound, and safe liposuction.

The method of liposuction from the body