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Saturday January 23, 2021

The message of the terrorist act in Baghdad means that America’s policies in West Asia will not be changed

The World – Iraq

The World Assembly of the Islamic Awakening said in a statement: These terrorist acts come at a time when Iraq called for the government and people to withdraw American forces from the country, and in return, the United States, which seeks to ensure the stability of its criminal presence in the region, assassinated the great leader in combating terrorism and ISIS, the martyr Qassem Soleimani. Who was, in the words of the leader of the Islamic revolution, an international figure in the fight against terrorism, or the imposition of a ban on the popular crowd and its leaders as the most important institution in the fight against ISIS.

The statement added: Such bloody events carry various messages, one of which is not to change the policies and objectives of the United States in the West Asia region, and today the withdrawal of the occupation forces from Iraq has become a popular demand, and it is clear that mercenaries, agents and terrorist criminals are playing a proxy role to ignite war and destabilize security. And to create division, fear and panic in Iraq.

The statement emphasized that America has always pursued its evil plans to commit crimes to exploit the countries of the region, plunder their wealth, fragment and weaken them.

The World Assembly of the Islamic Awakening indicated that the battle being waged by America, world Zionism and Arab reaction in the region is a comprehensive war accompanied by embargo measures, economic terrorism, political blackmail and murder.

And the statement continued: Now, a year after the martyrdom of the leaders of the Mujahideen of the Resistance Front, America and Zionism again dared in the Middle East and chose to create terror among societies under the cover of ISIS and atonement.

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The statement concluded: As the World Assembly of the Islamic Awakening condemns this bloody crime, it affirms that the only way for the victory and dignity of conscious peoples is to be vigilant, self-confident, faith in the divine promise, patience, piety, and faith in God in fighting arrogance and criminals to ensure independence, freedom and progress for nations, while ending the American occupation in the region. Through union and concord.

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