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Friday May 22, 2020

The message of the freed Syrian prisoner Sidqi Al-Muqt on the occasion of the International Day of Jerusalem

The World – Palestine

On the occasion of Jerusalem Day, and in remembrance of the Nakba, the freed Syrian prisoner Sidqi Al-Muqt sent a greeting and congratulations to the Syrian leadership and the resistance and to the heroic prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons.

In an interview with him in the evening bulletin on Al-Mayadeen, Al-Muqtat indicated that the axis of resistance is achieving victories in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, and we must chart the path after the victory..

Al-Muqt considered that facing the axis of the resistance, Arab client regimes standing for the United States stand conspiring against the interests of the nation, stressing that the nation must choose between the axis that defends all of Palestine and dilapidated Arab regimes allied to “Israel”.“.

The freed Syrian prisoner explained, “The idea of ​​coexistence with the Zionist entity has fallen and the conflict with it will open sooner or later.”“.

Al-Muqt also stated that every Palestinian and Arab should ask himself who are the friends of Palestine and who is plotting against them?.

He also affirmed in his speech that “Palestine is our central issue and resistance is our path,” adding that “the killing of the Palestinian cause is in the Arab arena and in the dilapidated formal system“.

He added, “Jerusalem is steadfast thanks to our steadfast people, and we have to give them all support.” He added, “The American project is stuck, and I am surprised at the state of Arab popular silence.”“.

In this context, Al-Muqt made it clear that the Arab people should compare the wonderful series of Al-Quds Al-Quds with the unfortunate series Umm Haroun.

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