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Saturday October 17, 2020

The Mercedes AMG GT Black Series smashes Ferrari and McLaren records on the track

Mercedes AMG has arrived in the Black Series after years of waiting, is it really hitting the supercar’s ranks?

In the test of the car on the Hockenheim circuit, it actually proved its ability to compete with cars such as the McLaren 720S, Ferrari 488 Pista and even the Porsche 11 GT2 RS MR, and by a few milliseconds it surpassed even the Porsche and the AMG GT Black Series scored 1: 43.3 minutes on the track. The McLaren 720S scored 1: 45.5 minutes, and Ferrari scored 1: 45.9 minutes.

There is still only one production road car that outperforms the Mercedes at Hockenheim and is the McLaren Senna by 1: 40.8 minutes. Mercedes still has a lot of circuits to visit and records to score.

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