Choosing a distinctive name for a newborn child is one of the most difficult things that every father and mother face, as many options appear in front of them that cause them confusion, especially since the process of choosing a name requires a lot of searching for its meaning and most important qualities, and among the most important of those names is the name Louay, who will We will highlight it in this article, where we will discuss in detail the meaning of the name Louay, the most important characteristics of its bearer, and the ruling on naming it in Islam.

The meaning of the name Loay

The meaning of the name Loay
The meaning of the name Loay

Louay is a masculine name given to males from ancient times, and it refers in its meaning to “Lay”, which in turn refers to slowing down, broadcasting, and retention, and “Lay” also refers to the wild bull, and the name “Loay” is taken from this word, as the diminutive of the word “Loay” is “Louay”, and “Lu’ay”. He is a small feral bull.

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The meaning of the name Loay in Islam and the ruling on naming it

Before naming any Muslim child with a specific name, the parents first do a detailed research on the ruling on naming him in Islam, as Islam stresses the necessity of choosing good names for children, and that is due to what was reported from the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in the honorable hadith narrated by Abu Dawood, Al-Darimi and Ibn Hibban Ahmed on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “You will be called on the Day of Resurrection by your names and the names of your fathers, so make your names good.”

Therefore, the process of choosing names must be subject to three basic criteria, the first of which is that it should not contain meanings or concepts that incite polytheism or disbelief in God, and secondly, that it should not carry in its meaning any insult or ugly meanings, and thirdly that it should not cause bullying on its owners, and the name Loay is fortunately All the previous conditions apply to it, in addition to the beautiful meanings it contains, so the ruling on naming it is permissible and there is no sin on the one who is called by it.

The meaning of the name Louay in psychology and the most important personal characteristics of its bearer

The meaning of the name Loay
The meaning of the name Loay

Psychology indicated that the meaning of the name Louay includes many unique personal characteristics, which every father and mother desire for their child, and the following are the most important of those characteristics:

  • It is characterized by a sense of humor and is light in shade.
  • He is also known as a gentle boy in his dealings with others.
  • He has a delicate, delicate and loving feeling for those around him.
  • He has a lot of ambitions that he is trying his best to achieve.
  • He has a strong personality at times and is arrogant at other times.
  • He has high self-confidence, due to the admiring looks that others look at him.
  • He is distinguished in his work and in his studies, due to his many qualities that qualify him for leadership positions in his work.
  • He loves to hear and respects the opinions of others, no matter what, even if they differ with his views.
  • Very romantic.
  • He loves to control those he loves, and is blindly jealous of them.
  • He loves to travel and move around and does not like the routine life.
  • One of the ambitious personalities who strive to achieve their goal in the end.
  • Always sticking to his opinion and insisting on it, he has an extraordinary ability to convince others of his views.

How to write the name Louay in English

There are 3 basic ways in which the name Loay can be written in English, these methods are as follows:

The name Louay is decorated in Arabic

The name Louay can be decorated in the Arabic language in many ways, as follows:

  • Loai
  • Loai
  • luay
  • hilarious
  • God bless you

The name Louay is decorated in English

The name Louay can be decorated in the English language as follows:

  • 𝕃 𝕪 𝕪
  • Ⓛⓞⓐⓨ
  • L҉o҉a҉y҉
  • 𝔏𝔬𝔞𝔶
  • ᒪOᗩY
  • Ŀöäÿ
  • ℒOAℐ
  • ㄥㄖ卂ㄚ
  • ℓσaɪ
  • llay

What does the name Loay mean?

There are many names that can be given to the name of Louay as the names of the feasts, and among the most important of these names are the following:

  • Leo
  • leo
  • if
  • lulu

Popular personalities with Louay

The name Louay is one of the names that carry many good meanings, so it is accepted by many, and it is worth mentioning that there are many famous people around the world who carry this name, including the following:

singer loay

He is an Egyptian singer of Palestinian origins, as his father holds Palestinian citizenship. He was passionate about music and graduated from the Faculty of Music Education. As for his first appearance in the world of singing, he began in 2003, when his first album was released, which in turn achieved great fame and succeeded extraordinary success. .

Louay Al Sharif

He is a Saudi writer and presenter besides being a programmer. He was born in 1982. He is the owner of the idea for her film program, which he himself presented.

Louay Omran

He appeared at the beginning as a model and continued this work for many years, during his university studies and after the end of his studies as well for each for a short period, and then moved to be a program presenter who was able to win many awards and titles over many years, in addition to his participation as a member of the Egyptian national team In athletics, he participated in many different sports such as equestrian and swimming, in which he reached a high level of professionalism.

Louay Hamza

He is one of the most famous authors and novelists in Iraq. With his distinctive style, he managed to attract readers not only in Iraq, but throughout the Arab world.

Through the lines of the previous article, we presented you with the meaning of the name Louay and the ruling on naming it in Islam and the names of the pets for it, as it is one of the names that may come to the mind of the father when choosing the name of his next child. interesting in our next articles.

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