Meaning of some colors

  • Red: The color red is the color of fire and blood. It also symbolizes excitement, love, energy, desire, strength, and also indicates danger and war.[1]
  • Yellow: Yellow symbolizes optimism, energy, and joy, and may also signify jealousy, betrayal, and illness.[1]
  • Orange: Orange symbolizes joy, enthusiasm, and motivation, and gives a sense of energy.[1]
  • Blue: The color blue indicates intelligence, openness, relaxation, spirituality, and creativity. It also symbolizes wisdom, confidence, and strength.[1]
  • Purple: The color purple is associated with mystery, magic, creativity, and sometimes it indicates vanity.[2]
  • Green: Green symbolizes nature, positivity, youth, healing, and is the most comfortable color for the eyes.[2]
  • Black: The color black symbolizes strength and sophistication on the one hand, and death and emptiness on the other.[2]
  • White: It is the color of purity, spirituality, and innocence, but it is also associated with bad things such as sterility.[2]

color therapy

Some colors are used as part of psychotherapy, and this method of healing was followed by several ancient civilizations and cultures, such as China and Egypt, and it has continued to be used to this day, and color therapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy. therapy), and examples of the uses of color as a treatment are the following:[3]

  • Red color: used to stimulate the body and mind, and stimulate blood circulation in the body.
  • Yellow: used to activate the nerves and purify the body.
  • Orange: helps increase energy levels.
  • Blue color: relieves pain.

The effect of colors on the soul

Colors greatly affect mood, and psychology, and different colors have many connotations and interpretations, as a number of artists and decorators believe that color can greatly affect feelings, emotions, and physiological reactions of individuals, some colors have been associated with increased blood pressure. Increased metabolic rate in the body, eyestrain and other symptoms and conditions.[3]

the reviewer

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color connotation

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