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Friday August 14, 2020

The markets of the Chinese city of Quanzhou – –

The markets of the Chinese city of Quanzhou are one of the most famous markets for selling vegetables, fruits and many products, just as the Chinese Quanzhou played a major role in international trade in the past, Quanzhou is one of the largest ports in the world, and now we get to know more about the Chinese Quanzhou markets.


It is famous for its name Quanzhou, which is the main Chinese port for foreigners, as it was known in the past as “Zaytun”. Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo visited that city, and it is considered one of the most advanced cities. It was considered the starting point for the Mongolian attacks on Japan.

City location Quanzhou

Quanzhou is a coastal city located on the northern bank of the “Jin” River next to the Taiwan Strait in southern Fujian, with an area of ​​about 11,245 square kilometers, equivalent to 4,342 square miles. In 2010, the population reached about 8,128,530 people, and the city ranked 12th in Ranking of most urbanized cities in 2010

Antiquities of the Chinese city of Quanzhou

The city has many monuments that were the main factor in attracting attention from all over the world, the most famous of which are:

  • Qingjing Mosque
  • The shrines of the Islamic saint.
  • Kaiyuan Temple.
  • The Palace of the Heavenly Empress (Tianhu) and other classic architectural works such as Luoyang Bridge, Anping Bridge, and Zhongwu Ancient City.
  • Various mountains, river valleys and basins are the famous mountains of Mt Qingyuan, Mount Zimao, and Mount Xiangong.
  • The city has great shopping streets including Back City Street (Huosheng Street), Chuangyuan Street, Zhongshan Street and Daxi Street. [1]

Chinese architecture |  Hisour - art history travel information

Markets of the Chinese city of Quanzhou

Quanzhou City was established in 2006 as a nonprofit and nonpolitical organization, as its main goal was to achieve prosperity and develop the local business environment, in addition to strengthening the local economy, with constant care to link smallsized local companies with both the international market and the government. The market or city is famous for providing many products and services, including:

The Top 30 Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou

  • local Industries

Such as textiles, logistics, retailing, import and export, as well as agribusiness, beverage and food preparation, animal husbandry, various sports, mining, real estate, and architecture.

Excursion: Guangzhou Fabrics and Accessories Market |  stitching worlds

  • commercial services

Market research, business management and professional services, as the Quanzhou market seeks to connect the local market with the whole world, where a huge number of textiles, shoes and clothes are produced in different shapes and sizes in order to meet all the needs of the markets as a whole, approximately 80% of the sports and tourism shoes are produced. In Quanzhou, about 10% of China’s total clothing production comes from Quanzhou.

Excursion: Guangzhou Fabrics and Accessories Market |  stitching worlds

  • Facilities services

Quanzhou Market provides many facilities and services including hotels, facilities, restaurants, convention centers, exhibitions, and meeting rooms [2]

Guangzhou Children Clothing Market |  Tanndy

The importance of a city Quanzhou

  • It is considered one of the famous cultural historical cities, and it includes many famous cultural monuments in the world.
  • This city is known as the largest port in the East, and it has been the starting point of the Silk Road in the sea since ancient times.
  • It has about 12 historic sites protected by the state.
  • It has approximately 27 regional heritage preservation units.
  • It possesses a large number of religious monuments that have historical and artistic value.
  • The Chinese city of Quanzhou is distinguished by its wonderful weather throughout the year, continuous rainfall, thunder without snow, and flowers are available throughout the year. Among the best months in which to visit the city are “September, October, November, every year.

Ibis Styles Quanzhou Qianxiu Road Hotel (China Quanzhou ...

Weather in Quanzhou

The winter season in the city is December, January, February, when it is characterized by a temperature ranging from 1820 degrees Celsius, usually the weather is wet and cold with snowfall and the degree of coldness at some times, while summer in Cowans is in the month of May.

Rainfall increases in June, and it is called plum rains, while July and August are among the months characterized by high temperatures, as hurricanes and storms abound, and autumn comes after October, usually mild weather continues until November, which is one of the best times. For tourism within Quanzhou.

The Economic History of the Chinese City of Quanzhou

It was known in the past as Situng and it was the starting point of the Silk Road at sea during the Middle Ages. The city’s role in communicating between eastern and western cultures was praised. Cruises in the city began during the era of the Southern Dynasties, but it developed during the Tang Dynasty, as it was called Marco Polo, famously called “the largest port in the East”, the city of Quanzhou became the economic and cultural center of the whole world, business boomed very quickly.

Quanzhou - Wikipedia

The most famous restaurants in Quanzhou

The city is famous for many restaurants that offer the best varied meals, including:

  1. Chow Restaurant

It is considered one of the most famous restaurants in the city, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes in addition to sweets, salty desserts, and the restaurant is also famous for serving delicious shrimp pies, crunchy durian cake, and small steamed meat cakes.

  1. Hakkas Restaurant

The restaurant serves Cantonesestyle cuisine. The most popular dishes available inside the restaurant are “pork ribs, chicken claws, stuffed tofu, crunchy durian cake, roast duck, salty egg rolls” [3]

InterContinental Quanzhou - Quanzhou FJ Crowne Plaza

The most important shopping street in Quanzhou City

The city has many streets full of restaurants and places that provide the possibility of shopping with ease, including:

It is a famous marketing street, as it includes many restaurants, theaters that provide enjoyable time for many people, where many products can be bought, including clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

It is considered the largest wholesale market, and it is located in Northeast China, as it has about 300 thousand customers, and the sales volume of this market is 2 billion Chinese yuan, this market is located on an area of ​​139,000 square meters, you will find everything you want to buy in This market includes “clothes, hats, shoes, fabrics, boxes, household appliances, daily miscellaneous goods, cosmetics and hairdressing tools, food and other things. [4]

Hotel Wanda Vista Quanzhou, China -

Canton Fair

It is considered one of the largest and most important trade fair in China, it was established in 1957 located in southern China “Guangzhou, as it provides a wide range of products, and the many commercial deals that take place in this exhibition. The exhibition also presents more than 150 thousand products of Chinese products designed with quality High, the exhibition provides many commercial activities, including “economic and technical cooperation, inspection of goods, insurance, transportation, business consulting, and advertisements. [5]

Malta hosts CIIE and Canton Fair Promotion - Belt & Road News

The Canton Fair provides many online services throughout the day with the aim of promoting products and completing trade negotiations, which in turn provides the possibility of Chinese and international companies presenting products remotely via the Internet.

The exhibition is also working to establish a crossborder ecommerce zone in order to explore the new possibilities of international trade, in addition to promoting ecommerce branding establishments, direct broadcast services for exhibitors to promote their products to buyers through live broadcasting. [6]

How the Canton Fair Changed Global Trading

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