The longest country in the world from north to south, What is this country, which extends for a very large length, but its width is not large, and the countries of the world differ in their areas, the way they extend and their borders, and there are many continents on the surface of the earth, of which they form a unified part, while the geographical borders of mountains, rivers and seas surround each continent so that they form a unit Separately, and through the following lines via the VistaBuzz, the most important information about the longest country in the world will be presented.

The longest country in the world from north to south

The longest country in the world from north to south is Chile, The state of Chile is located in the continent of South America, where the state of Chile extends on the coasts of the South American continent bordering the Pacific Ocean, and the length of the state of Chile from north to south is about 4300 km, as this country extends from the point where it converges with Peru to the last part of the American continent In the south, Chile is one of the countries that are characterized by great length and low width. It is bordered in the northern part by the South American countries Peru and Bolivia, and its eastern borders are bordered by the State of Argentina. Chile also belongs to a group of islands located within the Pacific Ocean.[1]

Geography in Chile

Chile contains mountainous regions where it contains mountain ranges that extend over most of its geographical areas. Polar cold regions close to the South Pole, and Chile has many unique natural phenomena such as volcanic phenomena and successive eruptions in addition to earthquakes in addition to the massive tsunami waves that strike its shores continuously, and climatic conditions vary from very strong rainstorms in the winter to Long droughts in summer.[1]

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Climatic regions of Chile

Chile consists of the following diverse climatic zones:[1]

  • The north is where deserts spread.
  • The middle part: It is a temperate region in which most of the inhabitants of Tsile live and the largest city in Chile is the city of Santiago.
  • The central part of Chile to the south is spread over forests and there is a lake in it. This region is moderate in temperature and humidity is high, and the people practice agriculture, especially grain cultivation.

In the end, it was found out what it is The longest country in the world from north to south, It turned out that the answer is Chile, which is located within the continent of South America and extends along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The important climatic areas of Chile and its geographical borders were also identified.

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