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Sunday January 17, 2021

The “local whistle” controversy is coming back … and a Romanian coach: Do wrong Al Hilal

Tresaco and senior advisors of “FIFA and the Asian” support the decision of the Shamrani referee

The controversy over the “arbitration decisions” loomed over the Saudi sports scene, specifically after the end of the 13th round of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professionals Cup League, which prompted the Spaniard Tresaco, head of the referees committee in the Saudi Football Association, to intervene and express his frank opinion about Al Hilal’s protest against Saudi referee Majed Al-Shamrani allegedly neglecting a penalty kick in his favor in the third minute of stoppage time, during the match that brought him Al-Ahly the day before yesterday.

The Spaniard Fernando Tresaco, head of the referees committee in the Saudi Football Association, agreed with the decision made by Majid Al-Shamrani, referee of the Al-Ahly match and his guest Al-Hilal not to count a penalty kick in the 93rd minute of the confrontation, which ended in a goalless draw, a decision that raised the ire of the Hilalis.

“We must consider that the penalty kick is the biggest penalty in football during matches, and it gives a great advantage to the beneficiary team, so the referee must be 100 percent sure of his decision,” Tricaux said, through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter.”

The head of the referees committee added: This situation is not gray. We can see in the video that both players make a mistake, the defender who tries to play the ball kicks the attacker’s foot in an indifferent manner, and the striker who does not try to play the ball just looks for contact with the defender and pushes him with his knee and hip and also blocks the defender’s foot In a dangerous way then he falls.

Tresaco concluded his discussion of this controversial situation in agreement with the decision of the match referee Majid Al-Shamrani, who returned to VAR and declared that there was no penalty in favor of Al-Hilal, as Tricaque explained: This is not only my opinion, but also the opinion of the senior coaches in FIFA and the AFC who were consulted, The best decision here is to play “without penalty”.

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The end of the match witnessed a great excitement from the Romanian Razvan Lucescu, coach of Al Hilal, who headed towards the referee of the match, Majid Al Shamrani, as shown by the cameras of the official carrier and told the referee: You know it is a penalty kick, but you do not have the courage to count it.

The Board of Directors of Al-Hilal Club issued a press statement about the arbitration decisions in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, a few hours after the end of the match of the first football team with Al-Ahly, which ended in a goalless draw.

The Al Hilal club press release said: The Board of Directors expressed its great astonishment at the unfair and successive arbitration decisions taken by the arbitration teams against the Al Hilal team in its matches in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, the last of which was the confrontation of the team with its guest Al-Ahly.

The statement added: These unfair decisions had a severe impact on the team’s score in the league competitions, which is what the Board of Directors sought not to happen through its taking of many measures that included an official letter sent to the Saudi Football Association during the last period since the increase in wrong arbitration decisions during the past rounds. In it, by finding an urgent solution that prevents their occurrence, preserves Al-Hilal’s right and guarantees the fairness of competition, however, unfair arbitration decisions continued to put more than one question mark. The press release of Al Hilal club indicated: Will Al Hilal be expected from a media statement criticizing the arbitration performance in order to be fair, similar to what happened with other clubs ?!

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At the conclusion of the press release, the Board of Directors of Al-Hilal Club called on the Football Association to take urgent steps that preserve the rights of the clubs and limit the growing confusion regarding the arbitration decisions in the competitions of the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Professional Cup League.

Al-Hilal coach Razvan Lucescu, the Romanian coach, and his “angry” speech with the referee of his team’s match against Al-Ahly Majid Al-Shamrani, which ended in a goalless draw, led the newspapers and the media in Romania.

Adrian Insi, the former coach of Rapid Bucharest, who knows Lucescu well, defended his compatriot in the shots that appeared on him after the end of the match, explaining, according to the website of the Romanian channel DJ Sport: He is a person very involved in his work since he was a player, and he acted only for his work .

The former coach of the Romanian Rapid Bucharest team added: “Al Hilal has been wronged, and this is Razvan’s job … he works from morning to evening and someone comes and does like that!”

The Romanian Razvan Lucescu, the coach of the Al Hilal team, had spoken to the official carrier “Saudi Sports Channels” that what had happened was a flaw, explaining: a clear penalty was not awarded, the ball was under Saleh al-Shehri’s control. He had the courage to shoot Jahfali and announced a penalty kick in favor of Al-Ahly.

Roman Razvan added: What happened is unbelievable and will surely make anyone out of his stage, explaining: In every match we were counted on plants and goals that were canceled for offside and not counting penalty kicks for other legal details that we accept, but with such a shot and a penalty kick, I cannot be convinced, A clear penalty kick was not awarded.

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Regarding his continued criticism of refereeing, Razvan said: Because similar and similar decisions differ between matches involving Al-Hilal or any other team, to this extent we cannot tolerate mistakes, as this is an exaggeration and a lot.

On the other hand, Al Hilal opened the file of the cooperation match that will be held next Wednesday in the fourteenth week of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, in which the Blue Team looks to restore the tone of its victories and maintain its top of the league standings list after a series of failures that accompanied the team and almost You lose the lead.

The Romanian Razvan Lucescu, the coach of the team, will work on reading the technically advanced cooperation team in the recent period, as it is expected that the Crescent List will witness the creation of a number of substitutions, especially in the event of the readiness of Salem Al-Dossari, who missed the Al-Ahly match due to injury, in addition to the return of Colombian Gustavo Cuellar to the main list after he missed Al-Ahly’s confrontation with “influenza”, and the confrontation is expected to witness a greater opportunity for striker Saleh Al-Shehri to participate with more minutes of play in light of the great technical decline of the French striker Gomez.

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