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Thursday October 1, 2020

The Lebanese to the Americans: I am wild and I cannot be stacked

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The Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri, announced, in a press conference today, Thursday, a “framework agreement” on demarcating the borders with the Israeli entity, indicating that the final agreement will be undertaken by the army under the auspices of the Lebanese President, and stressing that Lebanon will not concede any of its rights. .

The tag # Nabih_Bari reached the trend in Lebanon, where the tweeters declared their absolute support for Al-Berri’s position, which represented their position that the Lebanese will not give up a single cup of their water to the Israeli enemy.

The tweeters repeated a video clip of Berri’s press conference today saying, “I am well and I cannot be stacked, and all of Lebanon is like this,” indicating that the US sanctions will not make the Lebanese give up their rights to the Israeli enemy.

I don’t want to stack it

Houssam Sharaf tweeted, “We will not give up even the breath of Lebanese air to your eyes, Abu Mustafa # Nabih_Bari.”

“OMRAN NASSER” said: “Lebanon today is not capable of threatening it, and we have the right to take it.”

Mirna saluted Berry’s toughness and said, “It’s solid as a country that you spent your life on.”

The resistance and the army have one voice .. and the people are behind them

During his press conference, Berri confirmed that Lebanon has been greatly weakened. Lebanon today, with its people, army and resistance, cannot be threatened by anyone at all.

The tweeters circulated a picture of Nabih Berri while he was on the pulpit and the army’s report was sitting in front of him, stressing that the people support the army and the resistance’s position in confronting the ambitions of the Zionist enemy.

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Ahmad Rahhal said on the authority of Berri: “Our resisting voice … and the firm decision.”

Nahed Alayyan Ahed Berri said: “We will not give up one cup of water or an inch of Lebanese territory, the President # Nabih_Bari.”

Alidandach asserted that “the initiator of the resistance was supported by the brother of the President, # Nabih_Bari.”

Protector and lawyer of Lebanon in the demarcation of the border

The tweeters authorized Nabih Berri to defend Lebanon’s rights in the issue of border demarcation, stressing that he did not enter a battle in favor of Lebanon but emerged victorious from it.

Amani Fakih considered that “the demarcation of borders can only be done by your demand and defense of every inch of land or sea from the homeland.”

Amani Fakih considered Berri the “permanent lawyer for the unity and borders of the homeland.”

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