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Saturday October 17, 2020

The Lebanese Minister of Health beats the minus of danger

The World – Lebanon

The Minister of Health did not spare an effort or occasion without warning of the dangers of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in Lebanon, which has become out of control due to the evasion of prevention and adherence to the instructions of the Lebanese Emergency Health Committee.
The Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, considers that “the world and the developed countries that are equipped with a health system that is larger and stronger than the health system are suffering, fear and warn of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, so how about Lebanon, which lives in a very stressful economic situation and very difficult financial conditions, in addition to not The ability of private hospitals to keep pace with the development of the epidemic? ”Hassan explains,“ The data that are generated daily indicate that the health situation in Lebanon in light of the spread of the virus is extremely negative.
The Minister of Health points out that “Lebanon is at the gates of the winter season, and here lies the fear of the number of people infected with the virus during this season, which obliges citizens not to be reckless or condoned in the face of this imminent danger, and therefore what is required is social awareness and actual compliance with the highest levels of prevention in addition to the role of the relevant ministries, headed by the Ministry.” the health
Hassan pointed out that, next Monday, he will present in detail the epidemiological assessment of the situation in Lebanon, and will present all the challenges and risks that the country may face if things continue in this manner, but in return the challenges are very difficult for the citizen, so we must fully assess the situation, it is not possible. Limiting it to the imminent health risk, and we do not suffer from a problem with artificial respirators. Rather, the biggest problem we have is in the number of beds in intensive care rooms, so the health situation in Lebanon is very delicate. Medical sources believe that the drug problem, in turn, entered the line of the health crisis and what is being pursued by the Ministry Health for this issue, except to avoid the major catastrophe caused by trafficking in people’s health and the spread of the drug mafia, according to the source, and from here Minister Hassan confirmed
“The drug problem will gradually improve as the ministry continues to concern itself with the daily concern of some drug stores, and some warehouses have begun to deliver medicines to pharmacies, promising to continue checking the assets at the warehouses in order to provide a fair distribution to all Lebanese regions under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, and the Minister of Health confirmed his keenness to deliver medicine to patients.” Addressing the owners of warehouses and pharmacies who do not distribute the medicine, saying: We will monitor you, we will reach you and we will hold you accountable, and even if the support is canceled, we will keep monitoring the subsidized stock until the last pill of the medicine runs out. ”Hamad Hassan concluded
He said that the ministry had reached, with regard to influenza vaccinations, “to obtain 75,000 grafts and 70,000 of them were dispensed, and in the middle of next week 150,000 additional grafts will arrive and we have requested 300,000 grafts that will arrive at the end of November 11, and we are awaiting the transactions of the Banque du Liban to be shipped.”
Regarding the Russian vaccine for the Coronavirus, Hassan pointed out that “the ministry requested the Russian embassy in Lebanon some time ago to secure this vaccine, but arrangements to change the Russian ambassador in Lebanon slowed the pace of obtaining it, but a while ago the ambassador sent us a message in order to reactivate this communication and this.” What happened, will what the well-known Lebanese Minister of Health is doing reduce the lack of health crisis associated with the economic and financial crisis that the country is experiencing?

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