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Sunday November 22, 2020

The Lebanese are commemorating the 77th anniversary of independence … and stressing that we will not back down

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Independence Day will be held in Lebanon this year without celebrations, no central military parade, and a traditional reception at Baabda Palace. This is after the cancellation of all national events related to the Independence Day, due to the current health conditions in the country due to the Corona pandemic. In return, the men of Independence and the deceased former presidents in various regions were honored and wreaths were laid.

Today, on the occasion of the seventy-seventh anniversary of independence, the Commander of the Lebanese Army, General Joseph Aoun, placed a wreath on the memorial of the army’s martyrs at the Ministry of National Defense, in honor of their immaculate souls, and in appreciation for their great sacrifices in preserving the civil peace and the unity, sovereignty and independence of Lebanon, after the speech of the Lebanese President Michel Aoun yesterday evening, Saturday.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun indicated yesterday evening that independence in the general sense means political independence and the nation’s liberation from occupation, from a mandate, from foreign guardianship, from political dependence … But the Lebanese experience says that all of this is not enough for the country to be independent, as there are many restrictions that Make us prisoners.

He stressed that he will not back down or deviate from his battle against corruption rooted in institutions, despite it being an unequal battle at present with a coherent system that has grasped the joints of the financial decision for decades.

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In turn, Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab said: Independence is not complete without reform that stops corruption and allows the establishment of a strong, just state that protects its children. Corruption is no less dangerous than occupation, and liberation from it is no less difficult than liberation, in the hope that the next independence will be complete, and that the joy of the Lebanese will be complete with liberation and liberation.

The Lebanese launched several hashtags to interact with this occasion and confirmed their full support for President Aoun, the Lebanese resistance and Hezbollah, indicating that Aoun is now firmly facing a fierce battle against corruption and foreign agendas and plans hatched against Lebanon.

“Nahida”, through her tweet on Twitter, pointed to the role of the resistance in defeating the occupation and wrote: “Through you, God has brought us out of humiliation, so we will maintain our independence. “

Ataa Darwish published a picture of a soldier raising the flags of Lebanon and Hezbollah and commented on it: “With victory and his men, long live the homeland.”.. “

An account holder in the name of: DR • BAHAMAS published “a picture of the Lebanese president, referring to his role in achieving true independence for the country and rejecting dependence on the West:”4 Years of true independence, true sovereignty, and unconditional freedom May our country protect you. “

For his part he wrote “Suhail Diab “in his tweet:” The taste of the Independence Day is only tasted by its true friends who have repeated the sacrifices and determination with a lot. Underestimation.. “

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Wrote “Anis al-Naqash: “Listen well to the speech of Michel Aoun, as he threw out three hopes and revived one hope that overthrew the enemy’s hopes of bullying Lebanon over the issue of borders.. Destroy the hopes of the thieves because they thought they would survive the investigation. He overthrew the hopes of those who thought that he was able to be alone with the formation because it is formed with the outside. He revived our hopes because he said, “Hear me your voice.”.

Here is a collection of different tweets.

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