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Tuesday October 20, 2020

The leaders of the five settlements … who killed them in Daraa, and why now ?!

The world – today’s issue

Reconciliation took place in Daraa after the union of tremendous efforts by the elite of the Syrian army, along with the allies of Syria (Russia, Iran and Hezbollah), as matters led to reconciliations with the Syrian opposition factions in July 2018, followed by other reconciliations in 2019, and a final reconciliation at the beginning of the current world to leave part of the The militants who refused the settlement to the north of Syria, and another section will go out to Busra al-Sham and join the Fifth Corps formed by Russia, led by Ahmed al-Awda (commander of the 8th Brigade).
From here it is possible to discuss the method, causes and timing of the mysterious assassination of the five leaders and those close to Ahmed al-Awda, during their return from Damascus, which they visited to discuss the file of the bodies of the militants who died in the abandoned area of ​​the Brigade in Daraa countryside years ago, in addition to discussing the progress of settlements in the area.
The dead commanders whose car was attacked near the city of Izraa according to an elaborate plan, according to those familiar with the situation in southern Syria, they were among the most prominent commanders of the MOC military room, headed by Adham Al-Karad, who speaks fluent Russian, in addition to the salary of Ahmed Al-Karrad and Ahmed Faisal Al-Mahamid. And Adnan Mahmoud Al-Da`as Al-Musalma, and Muhammad Najah Zaghal Al-Daghim.

Hence, it can only come to mind that external intelligence agencies wanted to get rid of them because of the information they possessed.
These devices killed them in an area affiliated with the Syrian army, with the aim of benefiting from the security tension in the south. This possibility favors the wave of incitement that followed the assassination, which seemed prepared in advance from calls for arms and military action against the Syrian army.
In addition, some militants who reject the settlements are trying to push for military operations against the army in the areas of its deployment in the southern region, and they may have a hand in killing the five leaders, or at least investing in their blood.
Analysts also do not rule out that Ahmed al-Awda had a hand in the assassination, with the aim of strengthening his influence in the villages that were affiliated with the five leaders, and ending the presence of other leaders in Daraa competing with him for influence.
In any case, the Syrian government and its military leaders are aware of these plans and are working to prevent the region from being dragged into military action despite calls for arms. The region also recorded the movement of a large number of the owners of settlements and reconciliations and the notables of the towns in the villages in which the tensions occurred, in order to spread calm and call for Not to be drawn into escalation and refusal to bear arms, especially in light of the West’s endeavor to fish in troubled waters after Syria’s steadfastness in facing its unjust sanctions, whether European sanctions or the US Caesar Act. Of course, the West will not hesitate to re-support the militants through the Israeli entity or Jordan, thus using the Syrians once again as fuel for an absurd war to spread chaos only.
Alaa Al-Halabi

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