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Wednesday February 24, 2021

The launch of the activities of the World Mobile Phones Conference in Shanghai 2021

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Despite the US sanctions … Huawei is making slight profits


The International GSM Association (GSMA) is organizing the 2021 World Mobile Phone Congress in Shanghai from 23-25 ​​February in Shanghai, China.

More than 200 companies and about 20,000 people attended the conference.

But the three-day event has been curtailed compared to previous years, with 60,000 people participating in the fair during the last 2016 year.

Corona’s impact on the Mobile World Congress


Face masks are mandatory on the show, and exhibitors have been told that they must adhere to “strict” capacity limits at their stands.

The event organizer said the combination of Corona prevention measures and the country’s vibrant tech sector means it is the only place that can host such an exhibition at this time.

“We believe this conference will help boost global industry confidence,” added Sihan Bo Chen, president of the Greater China GSMA Trade Association.

A visitor to the Shanghai New International Expo Center, venue of the World Telephone Conference (NWC) Shanghai 2021, on February 23, 2021 in Shanghai, China. Source: Getty Images

The Mobile World Congress is held against a backdrop of continuing trade tensions between the United States and China.

In the company’s keynote address Huawei Chairman Ken Ho said it had only grown slightly over the past year.

President Donald Trump’s administration blacklisted the company in 2019 and blocked access to computer chip manufacturers in 2020.

The exhibition also comes at a time when other attendees – including US chip designer Qualcomm – have warned that they are facing chip supply issues because demand is outstripping supply.

But it is also an opportunity to showcase innovations.

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The conference is sponsored by a group of leading global companies in the telecommunications and information technology industry, such as “Ericsson”, “Huawei” and “IntelAnd ZTE, among others.

It is worth noting that the International Mobile Network Association is an organization that expresses the interests of mobile phone companies around the world and includes more than 750 mobile phone network operators in the world and 400 companies specialized in this field.


Why is “Huawei” more dangerous than we imagine?
After the controversy caused by the conflict between the United States of America and other countries on the one hand, and China because of Huawei, questions have emerged about the extent of the danger of the latter and the insistence of countries to investigate their activities in the field of communication and surveillance technology.

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