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Thursday January 14, 2021

The latest Trumpian dances .. – Al-Alam News Channel

The World – Articles and Analytics
It is surprising that some of the simple people or those affected by the output of the Trumpian kitchens have shifted their role to promote that Trump’s departure from the White House will result in a positive change in the American policy towards the Islamic nation and it did not occur to them that the predecessors and the backs are Mtahin from the bottom of the marrow and they have a targeted program that they take turns to implement in The Arab region.
From my point of view, the recent stances of this idiot may be a flimsy and delusional play because the West has a certificate of quality by directing such serials. Rather, the Americans seek through them to achieve the rest of the matrix of goals that have failed to implement during this period, and what Trump and his pirates have committed against the Middle East region is disastrous and the purpose From this uproar in the White House, the achievement of many goals to restore the deformed face of America, including the following
:: Reproduction of deceptive projects so that the Americans can achieve the rest of the goals that failed to implement during the Trump era, similar to the game that took place during the era of his predecessor, because the American institutions have a realization that the outputs of the Trump administration have brought hatred to them in the targeted countries and peoples, and they have nothing but a theatrical industry that restores the face Deformed for America and enable it to complete the rest of the goals.
:: In order for Washington to be able to obscure the current dangerous role it is playing in the Middle East, some of it has been manifested through American military moves and the participation of Britain and Israel, as is the case in the Red Sea and the Arab Sea and up to the Persian Gulf.
_ :: Because the developments of the events that many countries in the region are witnessing, especially with regard to the ongoing crimes in many countries of the region, including Yemen, bear American fingerprints so that the majority of the people of the Arab and Islamic region do not pay attention to those dangerous and continuous projects of the West in the region, whether military or other, including it The role of NATO in completing projects of normalization with the Israeli entity with many countries in the Arab and Islamic world.
What everyone should realize is that whoever holds the presidency of America throughout political history does not rule by himself. Rather, there are institutions that make the decision and take over its implementation, and the president’s duties remain only to oversee implementation.
These institutions are fully aware that Trump was able to implement the criminal plans that they created and at the same time he supervised their implementation in many countries of the Middle East that resulted in hatred for America by the peoples of the region, and this does not serve the continuity of American interests, even though these institutions do not want to lose those interests but rather develop projects Al-Naameh is to ensure its survival, and it has nothing in front of it but to make such plays and to harness the media equipment to promote and make noise to delude the collective mind in the Arab and Islamic world that the reason is Trump and not the American system and all its institutions so that they can market the illusion in the target countries and delude the international community that Washington is itself paying the bill and Trump’s mistakes Not the institutions or the American people.
So for everyone with a reasonable mind, the American system before and after Trump, worse in the color of Democrat or Republican, is responsible for all the crimes that have been committed and are still against the peoples of the region, including Yemen.
It is not forgotten that some countries in the Arab and Islamic world are still shackling a big bill because of the US policy of brutality, including Iran or Yemen with the rest of the axis of resistance. The matter that made the peoples of the region despise and contempt America and the rest of NATO because the culture of the West is hostile to humanity and humanity outside Europe and the Western cocktail + Israel are the first and last beneficiaries of all the events in the countries of the spring, and the Americans are the largest beneficiaries of that and there is no limit to what they have looted, destroyed, seized, and banditry Trumpism is at the forefront of international banditry, and it is sufficient to infer what was announced that the percentage of profits reached hundreds of billions and left deep wounds in the spring countries.
American institutions today feel the hatred and injustice of the target peoples and fear that the illegal gains they achieve will stop, which leads them to use error and deception in order to continue their criminal and robbery projects. Just as Trump relishes committing crimes against Yemen and others, you will find Biden may be more relieved, but through subsequent criminal series that he may commit. His administration and many will arrive with complete conviction that the Biden administration does not wish to stop completing the implementation of his predecessor’s scheme.
It is not surprising that it creates spiral tricks to continue selling illusion and deception to the countries of the region, the outputs of which are distorted awareness, as is the case in the Third World, because Washington’s criminal fingerprints have become an eyewitness. That is why Washington wants to drive the illusion and justification to say what the American system and its institutions have sinned for what Trump committed. Today we are facing the foolishness of this imbecile even inside the US in order to avoid bearing the consequences of these Trumpian crimes, but this does not exempt the previous and subsequent US administrations from bearing responsibility.
. The moron Trump realizes that he lost the elections and losing it means a loss for the Republicans, and without a doubt he and the rest of his pirates will hand over the keys to the White House to Biden on the same date, and this noise is one of the requirements of the fake play.
The public’s institutions and brokers are the ones with the best luck of plundering the world’s wealth and are still thirsty to continue piracy and plundering the wealth of the peoples of the region, and it is not in their interest for any country to stand against these illegal interests such as Iran and the rest of the axis of resistance, which makes the American administration practice continuous targeting of those who stand against it, which makes the entire West He is keen to destroy and weaken those who stand against him badly by assassinations. Rapes. Occupation. Split. tearing down . Plundering wealth is normalizing with Israel and others, and those who say no and stand against Washington are being targeted. It is sufficient to infer the martyr Qassem Soleimani or Ansar Allah in Yemen.
We will find the fingerprints of the Americans who pushed the countries of the Zionist-Saudi alliance to the aggression against Yemen, that is, under its supervision, and today its fleets and fleets extend over the Red and Arab Sea to the Persian Gulf? Does this mean preparation for an upcoming round of targeting that will be connected to Iran? Or who? .
For all these reasons, it is no longer strange for dozens of Trump brats to go out to the White House yard and promote them their imperial flags, because the requirements of the play require that.
Did not realize and touch a lot that. There are new crimes in the Middle East, and most of them bear American fingerprints 100%, as is the case in Yemen, but rather attract the attention of the world, and it is not in Washington’s interest to shine the spotlight on them, and they have no choice but to make such Trumpian plays so that the world does not pay attention to developments in the target countries, but the international scene turns Toward the fictitious series of Washington in the White House, so that the whole world does not pay attention to the ongoing US crimes and plans in the Middle East region, otherwise why all this military influx of Washington, London and Israel in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf?
On this basis, in order for the picture to become clear to those who prefer to dive deeply, we tell them the question that poses itself
Why did this play come out two weeks before the round of receiving and surrendering between Trump and his successor, even though the fundamentals of the American establishment could not be rejected by Trump and against his nose, he will hand over the keys to the White House to his successor on the 20th of this month.
So we are not interested in the Biden elections and the noise of Trump’s pirates in the White House who work with him in prostitution clubs and that Zionist imperialism has covered in the media.
I am self-convinced and according to the data that
There is no difference between Trump and Badin.
There is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties.
They are both sides of the same coin. Just as the Trumpists carried out their prostitution that was prepared by their institutions at the expense of the plunder, destruction and blood of the peoples of the region, Biden may continue implementing the same programs and nothing will change. Rather, the American, Israeli and British danger remains the most important to the present and future of the region. We do not turn to the White House, but the priorities are for everyone to pay attention to the military movements of Israel and NATO in the Mediterranean or the Red Sea and the Arab and Persian Gulf is the most important and the priority is to expel the Americans from the region as a humanitarian and Islamic duty. This condition is very important and the right thing is not reversed .. because the blood of the martyr Soleimani is more expensive than America, Israel and the rest of their agents in all parts of the world.
Because Soleimani’s blood has not dried up, and the targeting is still based on everyone who carries the project of the martyr Soleimani. Rather, there may be more dangerous if the Americans are not expelled from the region, considering that as the practical entry point for the stability and development of all countries of the world and the stopping of the expansionist ambitions of Israel in the region, which is part of the victory for the cause that Martyr Soleimani gave his life for it, or Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, or the martyr Hussein al-Houthi, al-Samad and all the martyrs of Yemen, and a victory for the entire Islamic nation’s cause, on top of which is the Palestinian cause.
In the end, I say glorifying peace to the martyr Soleimani and all his companions in the axis of resistance and glorifying peace to the revolutionary martyr Hussein al-Houthi and al-Samad and all the martyrs in the Yemeni arena who stood against the aggression, the Americans, the Zionists and the zionists from the Arab arena. And a special greeting to the Commander, Mr. Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi.
death to America . Death to Israel. Curse on the Jews. Victory for Islam.

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Fahmi mandarin
Yemeni Deputy Information Minister

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