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Sunday October 18, 2020

The latest leaks reveal the price of the MATE 40 RS PORSCHE special issue

The latest leaks published on Twitter revealed the price of the upcoming Huawei MATE 40 RS PORSCHE special edition before the official announcement on October 22.

The leaks continue about the MATE 40 series phones in anticipation of the launch of the Huawei event within days, and today the leaks highlight the special edition of the MATE 40 RS PORSCHE series.

The Chinese giant offers the upcoming MATE 40 RS PORSCHE phone with a ceramic design, where the phone is expected to come in white and black colors, with this version to be launched in the European market at a price of 2000 euros.

The price of the MATE 40 RS PORSCHE exceeds the highest model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and Huawei is expected to present the special edition MATE 40 RS PORSCHE with the best performance in smartphones.

It is reported that Huawei launches the Mate 40 series at an event to be held on October 22, as Huawei supports this year’s versions with the characteristic Kirin 9000 processor chip with 5 nm manufacturing accuracy, and Huawei also supports new versions with OLED screens, with fast charging technology of 66W.

Huawei is expected to start the Mate 40 promotional campaign on October 12th, while the company will start receiving pre-booking requests in the Chinese market on October 22nd, with new versions available in outlets in China on October 30th.


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