light gray blond

Gray blond and whitish gray blond are considered bold colors that suit women with white skin, and dull blue, green, and pink shades can be added to gray, which gives an attractive reflection on it, to maintain the gray blond color for a longer period, and it is preferable to use violet shampoo and conditioner .[1]

light brown

Light brown can be considered a natural color that suits many skin colors, such as white skin, and warm skin. It is a basic color that can add blonde shades, to give a distinctive reflection of the skin.[1]

golden brown

The mixing of the golden color with the brown color in the dye is a wonderful combination for women with white and wheatish skin, as it forms a natural and attractive combination with brown, hazel eyes, and light skin tone.[2]

platinum blond

Perhaps one of the most beautiful hair dyes that suits women with white skin, and light hair is a platinum blond color, as it gives more lightening to the skin, and is in line with different eye colors, especially gray and blue.[2]

copper color

The copper color in muted red shades tops the list of distinctive colors for the year 2019, as it is one of the colors that gives the skin an attractive natural reflection, and gives it lightening and radiance.[3]

Gray violet

Violet-gray is one of the attractive colors that received a wide echo in the world of dyes in 2018. After the spread of bold colors such as pink and colors with purple shades, cosmetic experts believe that violet-gray, or what is known as the pastel color, will lead the dye colors in the new year.[3]

ombre blond

Ombre blonde hair with dark roots occupies the list of modern colors that are soft and attractive at the same time, and it is an ideal choice for white-skinned women, because it highlights the color of their skin, and gives them a modern look that fits with the fashion trends of the New Year, not to mention the possibility of changing its colors easily between period Others, such as re-dyeing the dark color in a lighter color, or darkening the blonde color to appear more natural and beautiful for the hair.[4]

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