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Monday March 2, 2020

The latest curtain models 2020

Do you want to change the noisy atmosphere in the living room, in the kitchen, in your children’s room, or in the bedroom, but you are not ready for major repairs and changes, you have to start changing the curtains that can not only transform the room, but also make it more practical and comfortable, and so that the textiles are not The ones you choose are not only beautiful but also fully comply with the latest trends, so we suggest knowing which curtains will be stylish in 2020, as well as getting to know the recommendations regarding their use in the interior of the world’s designers.

The importance of choosing curtains carefully

Curtains are an important component of the interior where they perform a very practical function which is protection from sunlight and prying eyes from the outside in addition to the aesthetic function, and curtains often become one of the dialects of interior design due to the color scheme, texture or design, and in other cases they harmoniously match the pattern General of the room with an emphasis.

When choosing the type of curtains the main criterion becomes the design style chosen for the design of a particular room, however this does not mean that the curtains are not subject to fashion trends as designers each season offer original new ideas for decorating windows.

Modern curtains season 2020

In the new season of 2020 there is a tendency to a minimum, and complex perception and designs are rejected unless of course this is implicit through the interior design style, preference is given to brief and well-placed curtains without an abundance of decoration and fabrics.

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Everything has to be very simple, intricate designs that are difficult to create in a long time and then under the strict view of the housewife should not in any way be violated by families as they have faded in the background.

For the trendy curtain material of 2020, designers offer a wide variety of variations, and you can find bulky, heavy and almost lightweight fabrics, the choice of style should be guided by the style of the room as well as its location and degree of lighting.

Living room curtains 2020

In every home, the living room is the place where families gather and receive guests, as it resembles the face of your home, the face must be beautiful and attractive and illustrates the style of angel taste, and if you describe in three words the fashion trends of the curtains for the year 2020 it is elegance, luxury and originality.

Is it possible to combine three of these bright properties in the same curtains, with the development of technology this has become quite possible today as modern curtains offer that, and this modernity represents a very elegant and unusual solution, so the choice of the objective design of the 3D curtains is large and varied, and that Curtains with drawings of fruits, flowers, animals and cities are very popular, and this choice brings a bright accent in the living room as the curtains constantly attract the eye and make you like it. This is a very effective solution to space design.

An additional advantage of 3D curtains is the ease of maintenance of this new product, and it tolerates wet and dry cleaning. After cleaning, iron it medium temperature or steam it.

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Bedroom curtains 2020

If the living room is the face of the house, then the bedroom is an intimate corner designed for rest and relaxation, and here the interior design is executed with the idea of ​​creating calm and comfort.

Designers in the new season recommend giving preference to restricted classics, which completely emphasize the pleasant calm atmosphere, the most prominent combination of curtains and tulle should be, and at the same time tulle must be chosen in light airy tones and patterns, and patterns can also be abstract or floral print, The curtains must remain monochromatic.

In the bedroom heavy curtains of several colors of dark tulle will be relevant, this mixture will look harmonious and even during the day it will be possible to create a gentle afterglow for relaxation, and if the curtains do not completely darken the room put a dark lining on it.

Kitchen curtains 2020

The choice of curtains for the 2020 kitchen must be carefully considered, and the main selection criteria are practical application and aesthetics, and both criteria are equal, on the one hand in the kitchen all families spend a lot of time, which means that they must be beautiful, fun and cheerful, and on the other hand in light of changes Humidity and temperature The curtains are forced to clean well without damaging their appearance.

A modern and practical solution for the kitchen in the new season is Roman curtains that look simple, and do not occupy the space of the kitchen and at the same time bring a pleasant tone due to the variety of prints and color schemes.[1]

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How to choose fabric curtains 2020

When choosing fabric curtains, it is important to pay attention to three things which are materials, texture and color, and they must be combined with each other and with the general interior of the room, materials and texture are natural doctrine in fashion, and therefore an advantage is given to high-quality natural materials, and this year will be popular curtains made Of high-quality linen, silk and satin, to create a sense of luxury you can use velvet, wool and velor fabric.

The simple and practical solution will be bamboo fiber curtains, for a romantic and delicate atmosphere the perfect taffeta in the living room, and designers dictate their own rules, today they display the diversity of the interior using woven fabric for curtains, and the modern design provides a large number of fabrics with a rough surface, examples of Notable among that are raw linen curtains, and curtains of recently contrasting textures will appear for example, the soft satin fabric that adorns the three-dimensional pattern will look fashionable and elegant where the same effect can be achieved by combining silk tulle Plush curtains.[2]

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