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The Mediterranean Sea is one of the largest bodies of water that played a major role in building the civilizations of nations in the East or the West. The Mediterranean Sea was the only sea passage connecting the continents of the ancient world together. [1]

The Mediterranean Sea is connected with the Atlantic Ocean through a water strait called the “Strait of Gibraltar” and it is connected to the continent of Africa from the north through the Suez Canal. Close to its coasts, many islands are spread across the sea, some of which are small in size and others in large area, and the island of Sicily is one of the largest of these islands in terms of area and population.[1]

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean

The island of Sicily is located in the southwest of Italy, and the area of ​​the island is estimated at 25,426 square kilometers, with a population of about 5,000,000 people, most of whom speak Italian. In the maritime trade between Europe, Asia and Africa, the capital, “Palermo”, is the largest city on the island and the neighboring city of Catania.[2]

Sicily is self-governing and has its own parliament, government and flag. It is considered one of the largest Italian regions in terms of area, and most of the population adheres to the Catholic Christian religion. Italy is the main stronghold of the Catholic faith, and in its capital, Rome, there is the Vatican State. The hills are 80% of the island’s area. Sicily has more than 15 rivers distributed over the lands, the longest of which is the “Salso” river, which extends for a distance of 144 square kilometers.[2]

Economic activities in Sicily

The availability of the main elements of agriculture such as water, fertile soil, and a temperate climate played a major role in the development of the agricultural sector on the island. Agriculture is the main craft of the population, as it produces more than 70% of Italy’s crop of citrus, 60% of almonds, 25% of grapes, and Fishing contributes to a large percentage of the individual entry of the population, as it has a marine fishing fleet that is the largest in Italy, approximately 70% of the amount of fishing in Italy is produced, and there are also some food and brocchemical industries on the island, the most important of which is the ship industry, which is considered one of the old forestry that worked by the population.[3]

Despite these economic activities, its residents suffer from high unemployment rates, especially as they are exposed to waves of illegal immigration.[3]

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The largest island in the Mediterranean

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