Basbousa is one of the most famous oriental sweets known in all Arab countries. It is prepared with several different fillings. Such as cream, chocolate, and jam, and it is one of the sweets that can only be completed by pouring cold syrup on it, and it can also be decorated by cutting it as required; Such as squares, or karohat, which we will learn how to prepare in this article.

karat basbousa

the ingredients

  • a cup of sugar.
  • Half a cup of melted ghee.
  • A cup of cream.
  • Two large eggs.
  • Three quarters of a cup of finely ground coconut.
  • A teaspoon of rose water.
  • Half a cup of coarse semolina.
  • A teaspoon of baking powder.
  • Qatar.
  • Three quarters of a cup of cream for the topping.

How to prepare

  • Take an oven tray, and grease it with a light layer of tahini.
  • In the bowl of the electric mixer, we put sugar, ghee, cream, eggs, coconut, rose water, semolina, baking powder, install the netting paddle, and run on medium speed for a minute until we get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Distribute the mixture in the tray, and level the surface with the back of a spoon until it becomes smooth.

Prepare the top layer:

  • We put the cream in a decorating bag that has a decorative funnel attached to it, and press it lightly until it comes out thin lines. We put them on the surface of the basbousa, and we make lines longitudinally, and lines crosswise until we get squares.
  • Put the basbousa in the oven for thirty minutes, until it becomes golden brown.
  • Remove the basbousa from the oven, and pour the syrup directly over it while it is hot.
  • We leave it to absorb the syrup and cool before we cut it and serve it.

Chocolate basbousa

the ingredients

  • a cup of sugar.
  • A quarter of a cup of honey.
  • a glass of water.
  • Cinnamon stick.
  • Two cardamom.
  • Peel one and a half of an orange.
  • Half a cup of butter.
  • Eight bars of dark chocolate.
  • A cup of yoghurt.
  • a cup of sugar.
  • A cup of semolina.
  • Two teaspoons of baking powder.
  • Two teaspoons of vanilla.
  • Boiled almonds.

How to prepare

  • In a thick-bottomed saucepan, put sugar, honey, water, cinnamon, cardamom and orange peel, and let it boil for five minutes, then leave the mixture to cool.
  • Melt the chocolate and butter in a water bath, then leave the mixture to cool.
  • Mix the rest of the ingredients together in another dish, add them to the chocolate mixture, and mix well.
  • Pour the mixture into a greased oven tray, and put it in the preheated oven at a temperature of one hundred and eighty for thirty minutes.
  • We take out the basbousa, and cut it into the desired shapes using a sharp knife, then pour the cold syrup on it.
  • Return it to the oven for another five minutes.

The karoat basbousa method

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