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Tuesday March 2, 2021

The Iraqi parliament seeks to establish a court to specialize in ISIS crimes

The World – Iraq

Al-Kaabi’s office indicated in a statement that the latter “received the head of the ISIS crime investigation team, the UN advisor, Karim Khan, and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of the head of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Rebwar Hadi and Representative Muhammad al-Ghazi.

Al-Kaabi indicated, according to the statement, that “the House of Representatives in its current session is going through with the legislation of a new law for the formation of a court that is exclusively competent to consider and decide on crimes against ISIS and to hold its members accountable,” stressing that “it will soon be submitted for the first reading within a short period, and the Parliamentary Legal Committee is currently working on finalizing the draft law.” .

He explained, “Legislating the law will send a good message to all partners who helped and participated in the fight against ISIS, that this court is the first to criminalize ISIS and punish its members.”

Al-Kaabi stressed that “the enactment of the law will also constitute an important step for the House of Representatives to establish a database that documents these crimes and that it can be resorted to even in international courts.”

He stressed, “The law is a valuable opportunity to prepare Iraq for an international trial within a national framework and to push countries to support it, since ISIS crimes did not affect Iraq alone, but extended to most countries of the world.”

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