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Saturday January 16, 2021

The Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council denounces the American ban on the Razavi shrine

The World – Iraq

Hammoudi said in a statement issued by his office: “It is very unfortunate that the persistence of the American administration with its arrogance has reached the point of placing the Razavi threshold, and its handlers on the list of terrorism.”

And he considered that this ban “is a blatant violation of Muslims’ sanctities, and their religious and ritual freedoms recognized by the International Human Rights List.”

The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council indicated that what the Trump administration “has done has nothing to do with any political ethics or international norms,” ​​adding that this behavior “confirms the extent of its aggression, the corruption of its mentality, the collapse of its human values, and the danger of its continued existence on world peace. It reveals the falsehood, deception and lies of its slogans. “

On Wednesday, the US Treasury Department placed 16 Iranian entities, including the manufacturer of the Corona vaccine in Iran, and companies affiliated with the Razavi threshold, on the new ban list.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian institutions listed on the US Treasury Department’s ban list are: Abadan Electricity Generating Company, Ataba Razavi, Institute of Knowledge Burkit, Iran Company, Mobin Iran Company for Electronic Development, Mofid Rahbar Accounting Institute, Housing and Urbanization Company of the Radawi Shrine, Company Razavi threshold mines, the traditional tiles company of the Razavi shrine, the stock exchange company of the Razavi shrine, the Razavi Economic Corporation, the Razavi Information and Communication Technology Company, the Razavi Oil and Gas Development Company, the Razavi Supply Management Company, the Shehab Khodro Company and the Fossil Development Company.

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