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Friday November 27, 2020

The Iranian naval force is the anchor of stability and security in the region

World – Iran

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense and the Support of the Iranian Armed Forces, it congratulated the Naval Force Day that falls today, stressing that this day brings to mind the eternal sacrifices of the martyrs of the Iranian navy and the memory of the frigate “Pekan” saga on November 8, 1980.

The statement added, that this anniversary added another golden page to the record full of honorable achievements of the Navy; Inferring the saying of the late Imam (Raz): that the naval force is a source of pride and pride not only for the armed forces, but for all of the country, and that the memory of its martyrs, especially the sacrificial martyr of the frigate Pekan, will remain in Iran’s history forever.

The Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces’ support confirmed in the statement: Today, 4 decades after this honorable saga, it has a reputation for the deterrent power of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic, especially the Iranian sea forces around the world Whereas, the enemy and the friend bear witness to this fact that the deterrent and defensive power of the Iranian navy has turned into a pillar of confidence and reassurance for the people, and an anchor for stability and sustainable security in the strategic Persian Gulf region, the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of ​​Oman.

The statement added: The credit for this unique maritime sovereignty that reached waters across international borders and the safeguarding of the strategic interests of the Iranian regime and people at the farthest points of the world is due to the revolutionary resolve and jihadist spirit of all members of the naval force, including leaders, managers, committed fighters, and loyal and competent experts in the field Defense industries, who brought terror into the hearts of the enemies with their advanced defense achievements, and emphasized that the response to any mistake would be severe and destructive by the strategic naval force of the Iranian army.

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