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Friday January 15, 2021

The Iranian army concludes its maneuver – Al-Alam News Channel

World – Iran

The Navy spotted a foreign piece that was diving near the vicinity of the maneuvers, and intends to approach its area. The forces immediately issued an ultimatum to them to leave after they recognized it. She was forced to leave.

In the maneuvers, the floating naval vessels were able to destroy the hypothetical targets with cruise missiles of different ranges, and the locally-made Fateh submarine fired its torpedoes from the depths of the sea for the first time.

The spokesman for the maneuvers, Brigadier General Hamza Ali Kawyani, told Al-Alam TV: “Today was the day after the army’s naval missiles, launched from destroyers and battleships equipped with missiles, to pound their targets in the depths of the sea, to show the deterrent power that we possess, and we announce that we will respond to any threat in a horrific manner. . “

The Iranian army’s navy maneuvers were not limited to testing cruise missiles, but also diversified their movements to the depths of the sea. For the first time, an Iranian-made Fateh submarine was tested. On board the effectiveness of its torpedoes was tested. The drones were not absent from the naval maneuvers of the Iranian army, as they flew over the waters of the Sea of ​​Oman and the northern Indian Ocean on various missions, between combat and monitoring and surveillance.

Commander of the Iranian Army Navy’s headquarters, Brigadier General Arya Shafqat Rhodesari, said: “Although the announcement of these maneuvers was sudden, the naval force was able to employ the maximum energies of its floating, submersible and flying units in the maneuvers that were distributed over a wide area of ​​the sea surface, It achieved the pre-set goals, which confirms the quality of preparations and capabilities of the maritime force in free and international waters. “
Over an area that extended from the Strait of Hormuz through the Sea of ​​Oman to the northern Indian Ocean, the Iranian army reinforces its presence. The Iranian naval forces say that during the maneuvers they detected the approach of foreign submarines to the area of ​​maneuvers and issued a warning to them to leave the area and the message is clear that the eye of the Iranian forces does not lose sight of any movement. It may threaten its security and that its missiles deployed by sea and land are ready to respond when necessary.

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