The importance of zakat for the individual and society

Zakat has great importance and great benefits for the individual and society, and the following is a part of it:[1]

  • It brings the Muslim closer to his Lord and increases his faith, as is the case with all other acts of worship.
  • It removes malice and hatred from the hearts of the needy and the poor.
  • With zakat, God Almighty erases the sins of a Muslim and diminishes his sins.
  • The morals of the giver are purified from miserliness and stinginess.
  • It helps the Muslim to feel mercy and compassion towards the poor and needy.
  • It pays for the needs of the poor and enriches them.
  • It strengthens Muslims and raises their status, as jihad for the sake of God is one of the ways to spend zakat.
  • Expand the circle of people who benefit from money, so that it is not a state among the rich without the poor.
  • Money grows and increases in its blessing.
  • For a Muslim to pay zakat, he will receive a great reward from God Almighty.

Money for which zakat is due

Zakat is obligatory on specific types of money, and the following is its explanation along with the statement of the legally determined quorum for each of them:[2]

  • money; That is, the prices, and there are three types; The first is gold, whose nisab is eighty-five grams, the second is silver, whose nisab is five hundred and ninety-five grams, and the third is banknotes, and its nisab is the nisab for gold or silver.
  • What comes out of the ground is grains and fruits, and its quorum is five wasqs.
  • cattle beasts; That is, cows, sheep, or camels, and the minimum quorum for camels is five, as for cows, thirty, and forty sheep.
  • trade offers; That is, everything prepared for buying and selling with the aim of profit and gain, and its quorum is the nisab for gold and silver; That is, if the value of the offerings reaches the nisab of gold or silver, zakat is due on them.

Ruling on not paying zakat

If a Muslim neglects the payment of zakat, then either he acknowledges that it is obligatory on him or does not acknowledge that. And some of them also went to his disbelief, and the imam must take it from him by force if he is able to do so, with his reprimand and without taking an increase on it, and this is the saying of most scholars, including Abu Hanifa, al-Shafi’i and their companions.[3]

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The importance of zakat for the individual and society

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