The importance of the computer

The computer is one of the most important devices in our daily life and it cannot be dispensed with or live without, and almost no house, company or educational institution is devoid of it and we find it in all areas of life, and all businesses and jobs depend on it, and the computer is an electronic device that processes and transforms data into information Useful and we can handle it.

computer components

A computer consists of two main parts:

  • The physical components of the computer, which are tangible and visual components, which are divided into three sections: the input units such as the keyboard and mouse, the output units such as the monitor, camera and printer, and the central processing unit, which is divided into three main parts: the arithmetic and logic unit, the input unit, and the main memory.
  • Non-material components or the so-called software, which are divided into two types: the operating system, which is the system that contains commands such as the startup command, and application programs, which are programs that run on the computer such as databases and multimedia programs.

Computer types

There are many different types of computers in their sizes and prices, including the following:

  • Personal computer: It is one of the most common and widely used computers, and it has a suitable price for all categories and can be placed on offices in homes and some companies.
  • Laptop or laptop: It is a relatively small device that is placed in a carry-on bag and therefore easy to carry around, and it has a high price.
  • Palm computer: It is similar to a laptop, but it is as small as the size of a palm, and it is less expensive than a laptop.
  • Supercomputer: It works with a huge capacity to process data and is used in weather forecasting.

The importance of the computer

  • The computer is of great importance in the field of education, whether in schools, universities, institutes, or scientific centers, where it is used in the work of research and reports, information collection, data storage and marks.
  • The computer is used as a means of browsing, socializing, and learning about the news of all countries of the world through the Internet.
  • It is also used as a means of entertainment and entertainment by watching favorite movies, series and programmes.
  • It is used in accounts, data preservation and analysis in banks, commercial centers and stores.
  • It is used in airports, travel and tourism companies, and transportation offices to make reservations, flight schedules, and travellers’ lists.
  • It is used in hospitals, clinics and health centers to book appointments, make files for patients, and can also be used in performing surgeries.
  • Engineers use computers to make designs, diagrams and programming of all kinds.
  • It is used by telecommunications companies and the Internet to make lists of names and statements.

The importance of the computer

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