The importance of remembrance of God

The remembrance of God – the Most High – is a status from which His pious servants are provided and to which they frequent; It is the strength of their hearts by which, if they leave them, they become graves, and with it pests are repelled, calamities are revealed, calamities are eased for the Muslim, and the tongues of those who remember are adorned with it.[1]

Benefits of remembrance of God

The remembrance of God – the Most High – has many benefits that accrue to the memory. Of which:[2]

  • expels the devil.
  • God Almighty pleases the servant, and removes worry and distress from his heart.
  • It brings joy, strengthens the heart and body, illuminates the face and heart of the remembrance, and brings sustenance, and the remembrance is clothed with freshness and awe.
  • The remembrance bequeaths love, observation, clarity, and closeness to God – the Most High – and opens a door to knowledge for him.
  • He inherits the reverence of God – the Most High – and God – the Most High – remembered him.
  • Sins are erased by him, he is saved from the torment of God – the Most High – and the alienation between the servant and his Lord, Glory be to Him, is removed.
  • The heart is cleared of its rust, and life is inherited from it.
  • The remembrance is saved from the torment of God Almighty, peace descends, mercy veils the servant and the angels surround him.
  • The tongue is occupied by remembrance of backbiting, gossip and falsehood.
  • It requires safety from forgetting God – the Most High -; Which is the cause of the servant’s misery in this world and the hereafter, and remembrance is a light for its companion in this world, in the grave, and in the Hereafter.
  • modify a lot of works; Like freeing slaves, spending money, and jihad for the sake of God.
  • It dissolves the hardness of the heart, and it is the basis of God’s loyalty to the servant, and God is proud of the angels, for the remembrance is the head of gratitude, and the remembrance is among the pious, and they are the most generous of creation to God.

The legitimacy of a lot of remembrance of God

Remembrance of God – the Most High – is permissible in any case. except in places of filth; such as the vacant house and the like,[3] God’s remembrance is general; It includes a lot of sayings, such as enjoining good and forbidding evil, glorification and praise, uttering the word aloud, and reciting the Qur’an.[4]

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The importance of remembrance of God

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