The Noble Prophetic hadith is defined as everything that we have received from the Messenger of God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – in terms of actions, sayings, and other various matters. The honorable hadith of the Prophet has attracted the attention of many Muslim scholars who worked in the religious field; As they subjected these hadiths to many important criteria and regulations for which they can only be thanked, given the accuracy of these criteria and this human effort in sorting hadiths and categorizing them into degrees according to their authenticity, they were aware of the danger of planting words on the Greatest Messenger of God. Purification of all hadith books from the impurities attached to them that still persist to this day despite the great time difference that separates us from the auspicious prophetic era.

The Prophetic hadiths occupied a high place in Islamic history and are still to this day, to the point that Muslim scholars have made them a source of Islamic legislation alongside the Holy Qur’an. This is the continuity among Muslim scholars in purifying the Sunnah from these extraneous hadiths, and showing them to the people.

The importance of the hadiths of the Prophet

The importance of the hadiths of the Noble Prophet lies in the following:

  • The honorable prophetic hadiths are the carrier of the greatest legacy of our Messenger, and the status of this human messenger is not hidden from anyone. Hence, it was incumbent upon Muslims and non-Muslims to preserve his legacy, so that they may be guided by it whenever they needed to.
  • The honorable prophetic hadiths teach us the logic that a Muslim must arm himself with, and it is the same logic that the Book of God Almighty taught us; The Greatest Messenger was always using logical dialogues with those he negotiated with, according to the temporal and spatial conditions that that era required.
  • The honorable hadiths of the Prophet teach Muslims morals; Ethics is the core and essence of religion, as it is not permissible, nor in any case, to separate morals from rituals as is happening today – unfortunately -.
  • Some of the honorable prophetic hadiths include the vision of the greatest messenger in some verses of the Noble Qur’an, and it is a vision that we can build upon. The greatest Messenger is the most knowledgeable of the people in the Noble Qur’an, and the most knowledgeable in it, for he knows the purpose of each of its movements and each of its letters.
  • A beautiful importance that can be gleaned from the honorable hadiths of the Prophet, which is the eloquence of the tongue of our Arab Messenger, the beauty of his logic, the purity of his bed, and his honesty. The hadith that the Messenger said is known from it, and we do not need a great effort to know its authenticity from its weakness.

The importance of talking

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