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Monday October 26, 2020

The Idlib raid, a hot message from Russia to Turkey!

The world – patchwork

This is the strongest blow to the pro-Turkish corps since September 2017, in terms of the number of deaths and losses, as the estimated number of dead was initially 80 members gathered in a training camp for them, in Jabal Al-Duwailah (formerly the Air Defense Brigade) located north of Western Idlib, where a ceremony was held for fighters after undergoing a military training course.

It is known that these target groups receive their monthly salaries from the Turkish government, and they are completely loyal to Ankara and are fighting to protect its interests, whether in Syria or outside Syria, and therefore the Russian strike cannot be seen except as a “hot” message par excellence for Turkey, which is different with Russia in Syria and Libya. And in “Karabakh” and the Crimean island that Turkey does not recognize, but why now ?!

Regarding Libya, it seems that things are going in Russia’s favor more than they are in Turkey’s interest, after the agreement on a ceasefire between the Accord forces in Tripoli and Haftar’s forces.

In Syria, Turkey decided to withdraw from its army’s observation points that are besieged by the Syrian army forces in Hama. Indeed, its forces withdrew last week from Morek, its largest base in Hama, but as usual, it hesitated to withdraw from the rest of the points.

Thus, the strike remains either a liquidation of a former Russian account with Turkey or its mercenaries (such as the attacks that targeted Russian soldiers and officers and Russian patrols in Idlib or the Hmeimim base in Lattakia in the past months), or it goes back to what is happening in Karabakh or Crimea, especially since the Russian president Vladimir Putin, when asked a few days ago about the ambition of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to expand Turkish influence to the borders of the former Ottoman Empire, Putin used the logic of force and said that “it does not scare us,” stressing that “Russia’s interests are strongly protected, and there is no need to doubt that.” In an indication that Crimea is a red line for Russia.

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The response of the armed groups in Syria to the Russian raid was not uniform or clear, but some of them muttered with the possibility of ending the truce that Turkey and Russia declared in and around Idlib last March, but no one has announced its end publicly because they are waiting for the Turkish reaction, while she said Some armed groups have targeted some of the Syrian army’s sites with artillery and missiles, but the news was not confirmed by either the Syrian or the Russian side (Hmeimim Reconciliation Center), and these individual announcements seem to absorb the shock until consulting with Turkey, so what is Erdogan doing in front of the Russian message?

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