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Wednesday November 25, 2020

The Houthis … a mark that simulates the lamentation of the House of Saud at the UN Security Council

The World – Social Pulse

Targeting Yemeni missiles to the Saudi depth constitutes a Yemeni call for the aggression to reconsider its calculations, and the developments on the ground give legitimacy to Yemen in targeting the aggression.

This was confirmed by Fahmi Al-Yousfi, Yemeni Deputy Minister of Information, during an interview on Al-Alam news channel, stressing that escalation is a legitimate right of the Yemeni forces in light of the escalation by the aggression and its non-compliance with agreements, warning citizens in Saudi Arabia of the need to stay away from vital projects.

Al-Yousfi pointed out that “the developments on the field situation in Yemen give full legitimacy to the Yemeni forces in targeting the countries of the Saudi aggression, explaining that targeting Yemeni missiles to the Saudi depth constitutes a Yemeni call for the aggression to reconsider its accounts in Yemen.”

Al-Yousfi stressed that the message that Sana’a sent today is also directed to the West, which runs the aggressive operations room in Saudi Arabia.

On Monday morning, a spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced that the Aramco distribution station in the Saudi city of Jeddah was targeted by a winged Quds 2 missile.

A spokesman for the armed forces stated that the Quds 2 missile had recently entered service after successful operational tests in the Saudi rear, which had not been announced yet.

Brigadier General Saree said, “We renew our advice to citizens and foreign companies operating in Saudi Arabia that our operations are continuing and that they must move away from vital installations that are important because they are within the goals bank,” stressing that the qualitative operation comes in response to the continued siege and aggression and in the context of what the armed forces promised days before the implementation Large operations in the Saudi rear.

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Saree added that the injury was very accurate, thanks to God, and ambulances and firefighting vehicles rushed to the targeted place.

For his part, Ansar Allah spokesman and head of the Yemeni negotiating delegation, Muhammad Abdul Salam, said in an interview with Al-Alam news channel yesterday, Monday, that the bombing of the Aramco facility in Jeddah comes as a response to the continued siege and Saudi aggression on Yemen.

Muhammad Abdul Salam added that the response is open and available except in the event that the aggression stops, and that as long as there is aggression against Yemen, the response will be made, stressing that the Yemeni military operations come in light of a qualitative development and the aggression will not be able to stop it.

Abd al-Salam declared that the operations in Marib, Al-Bayda and Al-Jawf are making great progress, and that the progress that has taken place in Marib is “very important.”

On the secret visit of the occupation Prime Minister, “Benjamin Netanyahu” to Saudi Arabia on Sunday, Abdel Salam said that “the Saud family are not trustees of Mecca and Medina,” stressing that the position of the Saudi regime is fully involved with the American-Israeli project, affirming its condemnation of all projects of normalization with an entity The Israeli occupation, adding that the Israeli occupation is an emergency and will disappear.

We are now following the most important tweets that came on the hashtag (# Al Houthis). We begin with the tweet of the activist (Muhammad Abu Nayef), who introduced himself on his profile with the following terms: (A Yemeni writer and activist, # AmericaKills_the Yemeni People, #USAKillsYemeniPeople) He said in a tweet: After the threat of the official spokesman for Ansar Allah and the head of the national delegation, Mr. Muhammad Abdul Salam

The Saudi Mahufof started crying and wailing.

Urgent | Reuters: Saudi Arabia demands, in a letter to the Security Council, to stop “the threat of # the Houthis, backed by # Iran

Abu Nayef published a picture containing the words of the head of the Yemeni national delegation, Professor Muhammad Abdul Salam, in one of which he said (The world knows that the Saudi regime has launched an aggression and blockade that has begun and announced and is still in it).

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The account (Today’s News Portal) published a tweet that is a Saudi statement directed at the UN Security Council that arouses the pity of those who read it and see it, after Saudi Arabia and its allies launched a devastating and raging war that wiped out the plowing and the offspring in Yemen that is happy with its people. As it came in the tweet:

# Saudi Arabia to the Security Council: We will spare no effort to protect our lands from the Houthis # King_Salman # The Kingdom

Tweeter (Ahmad al-Kawaz – ahmadalkawaz) from Iraq, published a cartoon indicating the first painful blow to Ansar Allah that targeted Aramco facilities in Abqaiq, saying: # The Houthis plucked the feathers of the rulers of the “Saudi Arabia” … the terrorists …

The tweeter (Tamim bin Khaled) said in his tweet:

An absurd war that lasted 5 years in which the Houthi became stronger than after the storm of illusion, he took control of the Saudi border and imposed himself on the international community and became a partner in the Yemeni authority and the mere negotiation and dialogue with the Houthis and coordination with them by the United Nations is evidence of Houthi strength and weakness of the Saudi-Emirati (coalition) backwardness .

The tweeter (Sari) tweeted:

Reuters: Saudi Arabia demands, in a message to the Security Council, to stop “the threat of the Houthis, backed by # Iran, to global energy security.” They said global energy security, God and God, that I was pleased that our missiles were only targeting a specific target and our leadership’s goal of killing the enemy came up, and that they were the ones who shouted last as much as their great pain

The songwriter (Khalil Al-Omari – khalil) conveyed a pledge to the leader of Ansar Allah Muhammad Al-Houthi, in which he stated:

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The leader of the Houthi group, Muhammad Al-Houthi, pledges to continue targeting # Saudi Arabia with missiles until it is completely paralyzed. # Yemen

The owner of the account (Abu Hazim – Abohazim) tweeted in the form of a paradox, in which he stated:

# Saudi Arabia, in a message to the Security Council, demands (to stop) the Houthi threat to global energy! 5 years and 8 months, and Saudi Arabia is leading the war on # Yemen, an alliance consisting of several countries before it shrank with withdrawals, and the council did not speak, and the Yemenis did not complain, but developed their combat capabilities and resisted and repelled and responded to their fighters! # Paradox!

We conclude this episode of the pulse of the social with a satirical tweet of the tweet (Hammoudi Al Muhammadawi | Follow Al-Muntazer), who mocked Bin Salman and made his funny storm saying:

Where is Decisive Storm? Bin Salman Al-Minshari: We can eradicate the Houthis in a few days. # The Houthis, there is a missile on Aramco #With_Ansar Allah

Then one of Al-Ajil published on Reuters, saying:

Urgent | Reuters: Saudi Arabia demands, in a message to the Security Council, to stop “the threat of # Houthis, backed by # Iran, to global energy security.”

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