In fact, the history of the matches between Egypt and Qatar in football is not full of many matches, due to the presence of both teams on two different continents, which makes the issue of their playing in joint tournaments difficult, except for a meeting between them within the activities of any of the Arab championships.

History of confrontations between Egypt and Qatar
Muhammad Aboutrika and Sebastian Syria.

As we mentioned, the number of confrontations between Egypt and Qatar is few, specifically only 10 confrontations, which began in 1989, the last of which was in the Arab Cup Qatar 2021. Below we review the history of the confrontations of Egypt and Qatar with the results.

The history of the confrontations between Egypt and Qatar includes 10 matches, divided into 9 friendly matches, and one official match. The Egyptian team prevailed in 5 confrontations, all of which were friendly, while Annabi managed to win 3 matches, and the tie was the result of two matches.

Despite the closeness between the two teams in terms of the number of wins, the Pharaohs managed to beat the Qatari team 22 times, compared to the Qataris’ success in scoring only 10 goals in the Egyptian goal.

The history of Egypt and Qatar matches in detail

In the following lines, we review the results of Egypt and Qatar matches historically, starting from the first confrontation in 1989, until the last meeting between the two teams in 2021.

The first match.. July 1989

On July 21, 1989, witnessed the first friendly confrontation between the teams of Egypt and Qatar, which ended in a positive draw (3-3). At that time, Ayman Shawky and Ashraf Qassem (two goals) scored for the Egyptian team.

The second match.. November 1989

The two teams met for the second time in a friendly match in the same year, in the midst of the Pharaohs’ preparations to face Algeria, specifically on the 3rd of November 1989 in the qualifiers for the 90th World Cup in Italy, where the Egyptian team succeeded in ending the meeting with a clean double, signed by Hossam Hassan and Ayman Shawky.

The third match .. Egyptian superiority

The match between the two teams on October 2, 2000, witnessed the Egyptian team confirm its superiority over its Qatari counterpart, with a clean goal scored by the star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, Tariq Al-Saeed.

Fourth match..a new tie

On December 30, 2001, in a friendly framework, the fourth confrontation between the Pharaohs team and its counterpart Annabi ended in a positive draw with two goals for the same, and the two young men Ahmed Hossam Mido and Khaled Bebo scored for the Egyptian team at that time.

The fifth match .. an Egyptian sweep

On March 17, 2003, the Egyptian national team achieved the largest victory in the history of its confrontations with the Qatari team, when it struck its net with a clean six, sponsored by Gamal Hamza, the former Zamalek star (hat-trick), Abdel Halim Ali, the former star of Zamalek, and Tariq Al-Sayed, in addition to a goal from friendly fire.

The sixth match..a new broad victory

In 2005, within the activities of the Lausanne friendly tournament, specifically on July 29, the Egyptian team succeeded again in conquering the Annabi team with a multitude of goals, as the match ended with an Egyptian victory, 5 to nothing.

And scored for the Egyptian team, Mohamed Aboutrika (two goals), Amr Zaki (two goals) and Osama Hosni, and the Pharaohs team succeeded in achieving the Lausanne friendly championship title at that time after winning the final match against its UAE counterpart by penalty kicks.

The seventh match.. Qatar’s first victory over Egypt

At the Khalifa International Stadium in the Qatari capital, Doha, and on December 16, 2010, the Annabi team finally succeeded in achieving its first victory over the Al-Sajideen team, during the match that brought them together in a friendly framework as well, and ended with Qatar winning by two goals to one.

The eighth match.. Rehabilitation

On the same stadium, about two years later, on December 28, 2012, the Egyptian team responded to the defeat it had received with a new friendly victory with two clean goals, scored by former Al-Ahly stars Mohamed Nagy Gedo and El-Sayed Hamdy.

The ninth match.. hit and run

On the 7th of March 2013, the last friendly match in the history of the confrontations between Egypt and Qatar started, and after an Egyptian advance with a goal through international Rami Rabia, the Qatari team succeeded in overcoming its delay to win 3-1.

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Egypt and Qatar 2021… the only official meeting

History of confrontations between Egypt and Qatar
Egypt vs Qatar 2021 match.

The result of the match between Egypt and Qatar 2021, which is considered the first official match between the two teams, witnessed Al Annabi’s superiority over his Egyptian counterpart, during the match that brought them together to determine the third place holder, in the 2021 Arab Cup, which was held in the Qatari capital, Doha.

After the match ended in a negative tie, Qatar won the match by penalty kicks, 5-4.

The list of top scorers in the confrontations of Egypt and Qatar

According to the available sources, Gamal Hamza, Ashraf Qassem and Mohamed Aboutrika are at the top of the list of top scorers in the matches of Egypt and Qatar, and below we review the most prominent names in this list.

  1. Jamal Hamza: 3 goals.
  2. Ashraf Qassem: Two goals.
  3. Mohamed Aboutrika: Two goals.
  4. Amr Zaki: Two goals.

Egypt and Qatar titles in football

History of confrontations between Egypt and Qatar

After we reviewed the history of the confrontations between Egypt and Qatar, it is worth noting the great difference in terms of titles between both teams, which undoubtedly favors the Egyptian team.

Qatar national football team titles

The Qatar national football team does not have a long history in official football tournaments, as it has only won one official championship (Asia Cup 2019), in addition to a number of international friendly tournaments. Below is a list of these titles.

  • Asian Championship once: (2019).
  • Arab Gulf Cup 3 times: (1992, 2004, 2014).
  • West Asian Federation Championship once: (2019).
  • Asian Games once: (2006).
  • International Friendship Championship once: (2018).

The number of Egyptian national football team titles

On the contrary, the Egyptian national team has a long record of tournaments, whether official or friendly, and below we review the most prominent of them.

  • Africa Cup of Nations 7 titles: (1957, 1959, 1986, 1998, 2006, 2008, 2010).
  • African Games Championship for two titles: (1987, 1996).
  • Mediterranean Games one title: (1955).
  • Nile Valley Basin Cycle, one title: (2011).
  • Arab Cup, one title (1992).
  • Arab Games 4 titles: (1953, 1965, 1992, 1999).

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