Domestic violence

Violence is a widespread societal phenomenon at the present time, and it means the use of force, both moral and material, in order to inflict harm and damage on another person by using that force illegally at all, and there are many types, most notably domestic violence, and the family generally consists of father, mother and children, and victims of violence differ according to the person. The one who offends the other, and includes violence from the husband towards his wife in addition to the wife’s violence towards her husband and children’s violence towards the children or vice versa, i.e. violence that occurs within the same family circle, and includes physical, verbal, and sexual violence, and the threat to use force and intellectual violence Also, some include what is known as honor killings among those sections, and in this article we will learn about the harms of domestic violence and provide some advice on the same topic.

Causes of domestic violence

  • Understanding religion in the wrong way and the weakness of the scruples or the measure of good and evil within a person in his life and his upbringing of his children.
  • Bad upbringing and upbringing in a violent and harsh environment, full of problems and screaming.
  • Not following the culture of debate and dialogue and respecting opinions within the same family.
  • Spouses differ from each other in various aspects, whether intellectual, material, social and other.
  • Harsh living conditions such as unemployment, lack of job opportunities, and living in poverty and deprivation.

The harms of domestic violence

  • Increasing the rate of crimes such as murder and theft to satisfy the needs that a person is deprived of within the framework of his family.
  • Suicide rates increase to escape from the dark reality, as home is the place where a person spends most of his time and rests.
  • Running away from home to escape also from the constant problems and bad and violent treatment and to look for a place that may not be much better.
  • Lack of self-confidence and a complete lack of self-esteem.
  • The dominance of feelings of hatred, hate, resentment, and negative thoughts.
  • Permanent psychological disorders such as constant anxiety and fear.

General solutions and advice to the problem of domestic violence

  • Educating people who are about to marry of both sexes, whether they are male or female, on how to raise and treat each other.
  • Commitment to the application of religious teachings that encourage mutual respect between spouses and the best possible upbringing of children.
  • Seeking to satisfy the family’s needs and requirements in the best and maximum way.
  • Encouraging children to express their opinions on a subject without hesitation, fear or repression, and freedom of discussion and debate.
  • Follow the culture of dialogue between spouses and agree on the details of the relationship and methods of dealing.
  • Monitoring children’s behavior, especially when watching television, as violent scenes motivate the child to commit crime and brutality without the slightest sense of guilt.

The harms of domestic violence

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