the green Dam

It is also called the Green Belt, and it is a project launched in Algeria in 1971 AD for the purposes of limiting desertification and its progress towards the fertile part in the north of the country. The desert Atlas, and the planting in this tree wall includes several types of plants such as emulsified wild trees, green oaks and pistachios from the Atlas, in addition to the grazing plants consisting of allied plants, oaks, cypresses and others.

The length of the Green Dam extends to more than one thousand seven hundred kilometers, with a depth of up to 400 kilometers. It is noteworthy that this project has contributed to the establishment of more than four hundred model villages, standing in the face of desertification and curbing its attack on urban areas.

The Green Dam project topped the list of projects in terms of magnitude during the era of President Houari Boumediene, but the death of the late founder of the project, Houari Boumediene, prompted the suspension of the project and the failure to move forward with its completion. country to fertile agricultural lands.

The establishment of the Green Dam project imposes on the Algerian citizen a number of duties towards it, such as ensuring its cleanliness constantly, in addition to the perseverance in afforestation.

Why is the Green Dam called?

The reason for calling the Green Dam by this name is due to the principle of its achievement to form a dividing line between desertification and its encroachment into green areas, in addition to its role in the necessity of preserving the survival of the northern lands suitable for agriculture.

Reasons for building the green dam

  • Forming a wall to prevent the desert from advancing towards the north; Where the trees are considered a barrier to the southern winds that blow towards the coast carrying desert sand, as the winds drain thousands of hectares of arable land with the sand they carry.
  • Stop soil erosion and reduce it as much as possible.
  • reduce wind erosion; This is represented by combating the wind and stopping its effect on the surface layer of the soil.
  • Finding a good layer of good soil with the remnants of living and organic organisms and dead leaves falling on it, by diligent work on renewing and sifting the soil that causes damage to it, and making it a soil rich in humus.
  • Providing an abundance of timber to the country, and thus self-reliance in the provision of timber, and from it creating job opportunities for the people of Algeria.
  • influence on the quality of the prevailing climate; By changing it and reducing the speed of the south wind.

green dam project

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