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Saturday January 16, 2021

The great messenger’s maneuver embodies the ineffectiveness of enemy power

World – Iran

Brigadier General Amirali Hajizadeh indicated on the sidelines of the final stage of the Great Messenger’s maneuvers that ballistic missiles were launched and said during the maneuver, the targets were destroyed, considering the last stage of the Great Prophet’s maneuver in its 15th version as an exercise that demonstrated the ineffectiveness of the enemy’s force in the maritime sectors.

With regard to Iran’s success in enhancing its capabilities, he said: The focus of our enemies on the issue of missiles reveals their concern in this area to the extent that they are talking about the necessity of limiting these capabilities as they are an existing force and are increasing day by day.

Hajizadeh said that before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we did not have any missile capability, and these capabilities were for the major powers only. He said, “Missiles are a means of generating power and security for the Iranian people.”

The first stage of the exercises of the Great Messenger in its 15th edition was launched on Friday morning by conducting joint operations to launch missiles and drones for the air-space forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the central desert region in the center of the country.

Large numbers of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles were launched simultaneously with the launch of the attack drones carrying the bombs.

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