Nutrients are numerous and almost endless, but the third element in the periodic table of the elements – let’s call it the forgotten element – is very necessary for your health, and may even be the missing link to a better health and a more beautiful life!

You may be wondering what is this magic element? It is simply (the element lithium), not many studies and research have been conducted yet on the element lithium, but a study applied to laboratory mice where mice were provided with a diet poor in lithium, resulted in an increase in the number of deaths and a decline In the number of newborns in addition to many congenital anomalies and abnormal practices of individuals. In humans, the symptoms and diseases of lithium deficiency have not yet been identified, but what we see today in our societies of an increase in the rate of suicide, murder, drug abuse and others are indications of lack of happiness and nervousness that are closely related to the deficiency of lithium from its food sources.

We all know the benefits of vitamin B12 and folic acid and their functions related to improving mood, but we do not know that stimulating the transfer of these vitamins to the brain cells is done by lithium, which gives an additional dose of antidepressant and mood adjustment. Lithium also has protective effects against cerebral ischemia and partially protects One of the symptoms of increased levels of mercury acquired from fish or from dental fillings, which usually results in skin irritations and allergies, and also leads to feelings of tension, depression and stress.

Regarding the recommended daily amount of lithium, there are no official statements yet in this regard, but most research indicates that 1-5 mg per day meets the body’s need for lithium, and the toxic symptoms associated with an excess of lithium in food may not be important, because The body automatically gets rid of the excess amounts in the urine and feces.

Sources of lithium include milk and milk products, sugar cane, potatoes, lemon and eggs. Mineral water is a good source of lithium. Lithium, like other elements, is often excreted in additional quantities during times of increased stress, exercise or illness, so it is recommended to focus on fresh natural sources rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, especially in such circumstances and times.

The forgotten food component that protects against stress and depression!

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