Abbas Ibn Firnas was the first to attempt to fly

Abbas Ibn Firnas is considered the first to try to fly. He is a scientist, inventor, philosopher, and great poet. He was born in Andalusia in the year eight hundred and ten A.D., specifically in Randa. For the religion of God, and Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Awsat, in the ninth century AD, and he died in Cordoba in 878 AD, and in this article we will introduce you to his life, work, and honor.

The life of Abbas Ibn Firnas

Abbas Ibn Firnas was a clever poet to Abu Dhabi. He was able to decipher Al-Farahidi’s book of presentations, and excelled in music, and in playing the lute. This court ended with declaring his innocence of the charges against him, due to ignorance and exaggerations.

The works of Abbas Ibn Firnas

Ibn Firnas invented many tools, including: the water clock, which was called the timepiece. He also discovered a method for making transparent glass from stones. He also made medical glasses, with a ring that is formed from a series of rings that go with the movement of planets and stars. As for the written field, He made the first fountain pen in history, by creating a cylinder connected to a small container through which the ink exits, and to the end of the cylinder connected to a serrated edge for writing.

Ibn Firnas created a room in his house that mimics the sky, so the visitor to this room sees the clouds, stars, lightning, and thunderbolts that he made using techniques he runs from his laboratory under his house.

One of the greatest achievements he made was his attempt to fly using two wings, and that was near the Rusafa Palace in the city of Baghdad, and he talked about this experience Al-Muqri, as Ibn Firnas Elmer had preceded Malmesbury in his attempt to fly by a glider in Britain, which he found no one to record.

Honoring Abbas Ibn Firnas

Ibn Firnas was recently honored, by naming a lunar crater in his name, and a statue of him was established in the city of Baghdad with the phrase: “The first Arab pilot born in Andalusia.” Libya also issued a postage stamp in his name, and the Tripoli Airport Hotel was named after him, and the North Airport Baghdad, too. The Abbas Ibn Firnas Bridge was opened in Cordoba on January 14, 2011. In the middle of this bridge is a two-winged statue of Ibn Firnas that extends to the ends of the bridge, and was designed by the engineer Jose Luis Manzanaris Khabon.

The first person to try to fly in history

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