The first person to drink Zamzam water

Lady Hagar and her son, the Prophet of God, Ismail – peace be upon them – were the first to drink Zamzam water at all. God Almighty blew Zamzam water for them; To meet their need of food and drink, and the story began when Ibrahim – peace be upon him – went out with them and took them to Mecca, when it was without planting or trees; In implementation of the command of his Lord – the Almighty – and he left them and turned away from them, so the lady Hajar kept drinking and watering her son with her; Even if it ran out, you started running between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, looking for water to quench the thirst of Ismail – peace be upon him -; And God Almighty honored her when a spring of Zamzam water blew under Ismael’s feet, so she blew Hagar and watered her son Ismail with her.[1]

Virtues of zamzam water

There are many virtues in Zamzam water. The first is that it is a means of healing from the disease, by God’s permission – the Most High. The rumors of the predecessors who used Zamzam water have been frequent. It was for them a cure and medicine, God willing, and among the great general virtues is what the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – said: (Zamzam water is for what it is drunk for).[2] The hadith indicates the general merit of Zamzam water because of the goodness of this world and the hereafter that is drunk for it.[3]

God’s care for Ishmael and his mother

God Almighty took care of Hagar and her son Ismail, and that was what Abraham – peace be upon him – thought when he left his infant son and his wife behind his back and left Mecca, and the first thing that appeared from God’s care – the Almighty – for the child and his mother; that he blew Zamzam water for them; to quench their thirst and thirst, then send birds circling around them; The Jurhum tribe saw the trail of birds from afar; They knew that it was hovering around water, so they set out and disembarked where Hajar and her son had migrated, after they had asked her permission to do so. They were friendly to Hagar and Ismail – peace be upon him – and he taught the men of the tribe Ismail – peace be upon him – the standard Arabic language; He spoke it until he became more eloquent than them.[4]

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The first person to drink Zamzam water

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