The first to circumambulate the Sacred House

Two sayings were reported from Imam Al-Qurtubi – may God have mercy on him – in the first to circumambulate the Kaaba. The first is that the angels were the ones who founded the Sacred House and roamed it, and the second is that Adam – peace be upon him – was ordered to establish a place for the Sacred House, then the command came to him from Gabriel – peace be upon him – to circumambulate it, and Ibn Kathir has weakened the second saying.[1]

How to circumambulate the Sacred House

If a Muslim comes to the Sacred House of God intending to circumambulate it; He must make the Kaaba to his left and start his first circuit in front of the Black Stone, touch it and kiss it, and if he is not able to kiss it, touch it with his hand. In Muharram, he should show his right shoulder, which is what is called attrition, and it is also Sunnah to be widowed by walking fast, successive steps in the first three circuits. Has.[2]

Conditions of circumambulating the Sacred House

In order for the person performing the tawaf to be valid, he must abide by several conditions, among which are mentioned:[3]

  • Purity from the largest and smallest event and impurities.
  • Cover your nakedness.
  • Completing seven runs without decreasing a single step, and doubting the number depends on the lesser number of runs and then building on it again.
  • Starting each circuit and ending it at the Black Stone, with the Kaaba to the left of the Taif.
  • Tawaf outside the Sacred House.
  • Tawaf in succession between circuits, unless it is interrupted for prayer or for a short rest or to renew ablution after breaking it, and to complete the circumambulation based on the number of circuits at which the circumambulation was interrupted.

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The first to circumambulate the Sacred House

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