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Monday November 23, 2020

The first Saudi-Emirati partnership to develop electronic games inspired by the local culture

In the presence of the Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, and the UAE ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Shakhbout bin Nahyan, the Saudi company, Boss Bunny Games, which is based in the UAE, signed an agreement with the Emirati production studio, “Lamtara”, to develop and publish a range of games Electronic inspired by Lamtara’s works, beginning with the popular freej series.

This unique bilateral partnership will contribute to strengthening the Saudi-Emirati economic cooperation in the digital field, capturing the share that the region as a whole and the Gulf region occupies in particular in the electronic games industry, and transforming the Middle East region from a mere consumer to an innovative product capable of supplying the world with new games, especially since The electronic games sector has huge growth potential with the acceleration of technological developments and transformations in this sector, according to a press release.

Commenting on this strategic partnership, Noura Al Kaabi said: “The games industry has become one of the emerging creative industries that contribute to pumping more investments into the economies of countries as sustainable industries with promising potential and are growing at an accelerated pace year after year. The UAE and Saudi Arabia possess a wealth of talent. “The creative young woman who will add a lot to the field of electronic games. This partnership will open up horizons for talented people to take their hands to the art of innovation, production and design, and enable them in the future to establish their own businesses in an attractive business environment.”

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Noura Al Kaabi stressed that the UAE has an integrated system, legislative environment, and appropriate incentives to attract talented companies, companies and major players in the gaming industry to launch their creative projects from the Emirates.

Sheikh Shakhbout bin Nahyan Al Nahyan affirmed that Saudi Arabia and the UAE constitute an exceptional model in building strong economic partnerships in various sectors, praising the efforts made to sign this partnership, which came as a culmination of the common interest in the creative industries and in the field of gaming industry, and considered it an inspiring and stimulating step for creators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sisterly Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the region, as this partnership carries a unique competitive advantage that simulates the growing interest in creative industries and the transfer of local culture to the world through national arms and innovative ways.

On her part, Chairman and founder of Studio Boss Bunny, Azizah Al-Ahmadi, said: “Through this partnership we wanted to be part of the efforts to translate the vision of leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by transforming into a digital economy in which the younger generation is the driving force to support the national economy of the two countries and to compete. Globally, and at the same time meeting the needs of the modern lifestyle, of which electronic games are an important part.

She added: “This cooperation is a major turning point for the games industry in the region and a platform for its global launch through the combination of creativity in the creation of worlds and personalities and Boss Bunny’s global capabilities in developing and disseminating electronic games, and in the coming months we intend to prepare studies to establish an integrated training center for the games industry.” So that it will attract talents from universities in the region to refine their skills and talents and provide them with training and development to help them enter the labor market in the gaming industry. This new industry will provide a large number of job opportunities as an integrated chain linked together. “

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On his part, founder and CEO of LAMARA, Mohamed Saeed Hareb, said: “Lamara’s mission is to create and tell inspiring magical stories, with innovative production and counter-intuitive designs, and we are happy with this partnership with a global developer from the region, to bring our local personalities and our heritage to the world and thus an audience. I have grown through smart device games, and I am sure that this partnership will add a lot to the world of entertainment in the region in particular and the world in general.

He added: “Over the past years, the Emirati-Saudi cooperation has witnessed qualitative leaps that have reflected positively on the economy and thus the lives of citizens in the two countries and the Gulf states as a whole, and has strengthened the region’s attractiveness as an investment destination in various fields, especially the digital field and modern technologies. We hope that this agreement will be a qualitative addition to this series of achievements “.

The Boss Bunny team includes a group of gaming industry experts from the Arab countries and the world, working together to develop the smartphone games industry in the Arab world.

Lemmara’s other works include the Freej series, the 3D educational series “Siraj”, the “Mandoos” series, the only children’s series in the Emirates dedicated to the UAE heritage, the cartoon competition program “The Book of Puzzles”, and many other programs.

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