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Sunday November 22, 2020

The first leaked photos that show the design of the upcoming OnePlus phone, ONEPLUS 9 PRO

I spotted the latest 3D imaging leaks that illustrate the design of the upcoming One Plus phone, ONEPLUS 9 PRO, where the phone appears almost without side frames with the screen hole design for the front camera, and the rectangular design for the rear camera unit.

OnePlus is preparing to unveil the ONEPLUS 9 PRO phone at the beginning of March of 2021, according to the leaks so far, and the leaks also confirmed that the company is preparing to start mass production of the ONEPLUS 9 series soon.

Today, leaked 3D images offer a clear look at the design of the highest version of the upcoming ONEPLUS 9 PRO series, where the main difference between OnePlus 8T and ONEPLUS 9 PRO is in the design of the rear camera.

It is planned that the OnePlus 9 Pro comes with a 6.55-inch OLED screen, and the screen has a curved design at the edges, while the camera hole comes on the left side of the screen.

As it appears the rear camera on the OnePlus 9 Pro phone is unconventional design with quad settings that include two sensors in a small size, the phone also supports a USB C port for charging, and the phone features a sliding button to control the volume of audio.


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