Ibrahim the father of the prophets

He is the Prophet of God Abraham – peace be upon him – who is related to Noah, peace be upon him, and there are several sayings in his hometown, it is likely that he was born in Babylon. Ibrahim the prophethood, and confronted him, invalidating his claim, proving the falsity of his slander. Ibrahim was nicknamed Abu Al-Dhaifan; Because he was very generous to the guest, as he was called the father of the prophets. Because most of the prophets mentioned in the Noble Qur’an are his descendants, with the exception of Adam, Noah, Idris, Lot, Hood, Saleh, and Yunus.[1][2]

Part of Abraham’s life, peace be upon him

There were many stages that the Prophet Ibrahim went through in his life, and he moved between countries as well, and the following is a statement of some of the movements of the Prophet of God and his calling:[2][3]

  • Abraham – peace be upon him – and his wife Sarah, and his nephew Lot, the Prophet of God, moved from the country of the Chaldeans to the country of the Canaanites, specifically to the area of ​​Bait Al-Maqdis, where he called its people to monotheism, and the first thing that began with the call of his father, who remained on disbelief, did not respond to the call of the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him .
  • Ibrahim – peace be upon him – was known for his wisdom, wisdom, and good exhortation during his invitation to his father and his people, and he used the method of establishing an argument against them, and explaining their mistake to call them to unite God Almighty.
  • The people of Abraham became fond of his invitation to them to monotheism, so they kindled a great fire for him, tied him up, and threw it at him with the intent of killing him, and salvation from his call, but God – the Most High – saved his Prophet, and took him out of the fire safely.
  • Ibrahim migrated with his wife to the land of Levant after his despair of the Islam of his people and their unification, then he moved again to Egypt, then returned to Palestine, and each of those stations witnessed something of Abraham’s call – peace be upon him – to create around him, as witnessed some of the trials and exams that he was He goes through it with strength and patience.

Attributes of Abraham, peace be upon him

Many of the qualities of goodness were represented in Ibrahim – peace be upon him – during his life and his calling. Among his great qualities are mentioned:[4]

  • Possession of the reality of monotheism of God Almighty.
  • Reassurance about the command of God – the Most High – and His destiny, and the certainty of His kindness.
  • Honesty, loyalty, and generosity, all of which are characteristics that God – the Most High – mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, and praised them in His Prophet.

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The father of the prophets Ibrahim

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