The best place for a baby to sleep

The child should sleep in the same room with the mother during the first six months during the day and night, and the mother will notice, especially in the first weeks of her child’s life, that he sleeps in her arms, or while she is standing next to his bed, and until he knows where he sleeps and gets used to it, he prefers to be placed in his bed before Bedtime, or after a meal.[1]

Customize your bedtime routine

It is advisable to start sleeping the child early in the evening, to ensure that he has enough time for the pre-sleep sequence, and the younger the child is, the sleep routine should be shorter and simpler, and the routine includes both the following: bathing the child, changing diapers, listening to a song, and putting In the bed, and if the child is in the living room before he sleeps, he should be placed in the bedroom for an appropriate period.[2]

bedtime routine tips

There are several things that must be followed for the success of the bedtime routine, namely:[3]

  • Playing with the child all games during the day, and allocating quiet games for the evening, to help keep the child active during the day, and to feel tired and exhausted from practicing daily activities and games during the night.
  • Maintaining the same daily and nightly routine, and in the same order, to get the child used to it.
  • Bathing the child before bedtime, to help calm him, and to have fun.
  • Doing the child’s favorite activity in the bedroom, which makes him eager for bedtime, and helps him associate the bedroom with the preferred activity.
  • Keeping the room when the child sleeps as it is after he sleeps, in terms of the degree of lights and sounds. If he wakes up at night, he will find things the same, and go back to sleep.
  • Keep the lights dim, and avoid talking to the baby so he falls asleep faster.[1]
  • Not playing with the child after putting him to bed and preparing him for sleep.[1]

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The fastest way to put a baby to sleep

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