Child’s temperature rise

People, especially children, are often exposed to high body temperature, or to some infectious diseases that cause fever, especially in very cold weather, and this is what worries many mothers due to the serious complications of high body temperature, and human temperature is considered It is normal if it is 37 degrees Celsius, and if it rises above that limit it must be reduced in all possible ways, and through this article we will mention the fastest and most effective ways to reduce the temperature of the child.

The fastest way to reduce a child’s temperature

cold water

It is by dipping a clean tissue in tap water, and it should not be too cold so as not to cause the internal body temperature to rise, then squeeze it and place it on different parts of the body such as: the abdomen, forehead, feet, thigh, and the back of the neck, and it is one of the ways The old traditional that our ancestors used, it is preferable to dip the napkin in water after a few minutes of using it, and the child can be given sufficient amounts of water to expel toxic substances from the body through urine.

Apple cider vinegar

It is one of the effective treatments in reducing the temperature of the child’s body, due to the fact that it is characterized by the acidic property that absorbs the heat of the skin, and it also renews the minerals that the body loses due to fever, and is used by mixing half a cup of apple cider vinegar with bath water, then soaking the child’s body in it. Duration of ten minutes, and the method can be repeated more than once a day, in addition, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can be mixed with a tablespoon of natural honey in a glass of water, then it is presented to the child two or three times a day if the child has reached six months Or more.


It is one of the excellent treatments for fever, thanks to the compound curcumin, which contains anti-fungals, viruses and germs, as well as antioxidants. With a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper in a cup of hot milk, then take the mixture twice daily.


It is known for its cooling properties for the body, thus relieving symptoms of fever and inflammation and calming the entire body. It is used by mixing sandalwood powder with a little water until a thick paste is formed, then placed on the forehead, and the process is repeated more than once a day until the temperature drops.

The fastest way to lower a child’s temperature

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