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The relationships that an individual builds with others affect in many ways his private life, both on personal and professional life, and on the material level and wealth as well; Therefore, it is recommended to build friendships with successful and wealthy personalities, which will help raise the level of the individual’s financial mentality, and get a strong incentive; To achieve special goals, and thus access to wealth and wealth.[1]

Owning a business

It is preferable to search for opportunities that help build wealth in a short time, rather than focusing on traditional long-term investments in the event of a desire to achieve wealth at a young age, and this can be achieved by entering the field of entrepreneurship and building a private project, and despite the risks that It includes owning a private business, but it will contribute to earning a lot of money if you take into account the work in the preferred areas that suit the needs of the commercial markets.[1]

Reducing private expenses

Many people are unable to get rich, because they spend a large amount of money compared to what they earn, and on the contrary, living under special capabilities will make it easier to get rich, and this can be achieved by tracking expenses continuously using Excel tables, for example, or an application designated for that; To help identify and purify the nature of expenses, and identify unnecessary ones in order to stay away from them, as well as the possibility of reducing bill payments by turning off the lights, shopping for groceries smartly, and spending only on essentials.[2]


Investing is one of the easiest ways through which one can reach wealth, and to achieve this it is taken into account to spend enough time in developing special strategies for saving, and identifying the appropriate ways to invest, and saving any amount of money per day, no matter how small, can help to achieve wealth and wealth on a day of the days.[3]

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