onion juice

Onion juice is useful in treating colds and also in stimulating hair growth by cutting an amount of onions commensurate with the length of the hair, then placing the pieces in the electric mixer, juicer, or grinder to make onion juice, then massaging the scalp with it in a gentle way and leaving it On the hair for a full hour, then wash the hair using water, then shampoo.[1]

Omega fatty acids

Eating an amount of omega fatty acids can contribute to improving the internal structure of the hair, as it contains large amounts of proteins and nutrients, and omega supplements added to antioxidants can be taken to intensify hair and treat hair loss, as it helps to improve health in general, and it is recommended to take a dose Recommended by the manufacturer.[2]

Cactus gel

Aloe vera has many enzymes that contribute to making hair healthy, soft, and silky, and it can be used by extracting aloe vera gel from its leaf to get a cup of aloe vera gel, placing it in a bowl, and then adding several drops of an essential oil to it after heating it. Then the mixture is distributed on the scalp and hair using the brush, and left for an hour, then wash the hair using shampoo, and it is recommended to follow this method once a week to get shiny and silky hair.[3]

Coconut milk and lemon juice

Coconut milk and lemon juice are used to treat many problems that affect the hair and scalp, and they can be used to straighten and soften the hair by mixing coconut milk with the juice of one lemon, leaving the mixture in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, and then distributing it to dry hair. Or wet for an hour after covering it, then wash the hair in the usual way.[4]

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