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Friday November 27, 2020

The European Union calls on Ethiopia to avoid ethnic targeting in the battle of decisiveness

World – Africa

Borrell said in a speech delivered by his representative to the European Parliament, today, Thursday: “We expect the government of Ethiopia to show restraint and avoid escalation, and not to implement measures or violence directed at ethnicity, as this is a very sensitive issue for the European Union.“.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister demanded that he fulfill his pledge to distinguish between the Tigrayans and the Popular Front, adding: “We have nonetheless reports about implementing comprehensive measures on ethnic grounds“.

Today, Thursday, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali, announced the start of the final phase of a military operation launched early this month against the Tigrayans People’s Liberation Front, which Addis Ababa accuses of launching attacks against government forces..

Abi Ahmed said that many of the militants surrendered before the 72-hour deadline he gave them to surrender, and he instructed the National Army to move towards the provincial capital.

And international calls were issued to spare civilians the scourge of confrontation, with tens of thousands of them being displaced to Sudan. Meanwhile, Abiy Ahmed reassured that the Ethiopian forces were very keen to respect the humanitarian aspect during the military operation.

Yesterday, Major General Mohamed Tessema, Director General of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, said that the Military Council of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front is “preparing to repeat the atrocities it has committed” in Mai Kadra on November 9th in the city of Mekele.

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