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Thursday March 26, 2020

The European Commission resorted to tracking site data to control the outbreak of Corona

Many countries around the world rely on tracking site data for smart phone users to monitor and limit the spread of the deadly virus Corona; and within the framework of expanding the cycle of dependence on this method, eight European telecom companies agreed to provide the European Commission with the site data for its customers in light of seeking to control the spread of the virus in the European Union .

The move raised the fear of some of the users’ data leakage and the violation of privacy; a UNHCR spokesperson said that it is she who will guarantee its protection, and that the information will be collected in anonymous and collective enumeration and will be disposed of when the epidemic is finished.

In the same context consistent with maintaining the privacy of users, the European Monitoring Authority for Data Protection asked the Commission to clarify what data it wanted to collect, taking into account transparency and specifying access to it with a specific scope by epidemiologists and experts who have a relationship with it as well.

The World Health Organization has separately stated that any work or technical assistance used to fight Covid-19 should protect human rights and privacy.

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