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Thursday November 26, 2020

The England goalkeeper, who conceded a goal by Maradona, wished for an apology “the greatest player” he faced

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Former England goalkeeper Peter Shelton, who conceded twice by the late Argentine star Diego Maradona, expressed his sorrow at the death of “the best of him,” but said he wished the tango captain had apologized for his behavior. Shelton said Maradona was “great, but not sporting.”

It was considered former English goalkeeper Peter Shilton who received from the Argentine Diego Maradona Two historic goals, the first of which was Using his hand In the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals, the late game legend on Wednesday with a cardiac arrest was “great but not of a sporting spirit”.

Shelton told the British newspaper “Daily Mail” that he was not impressed that Maradona did not apologize for scoring his first goal in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup with his hand in a historic move in the World Cup.

Maradona, whom Shelton described as “the greatest of his face,” scored two goals in that famous match, and the second after overtaking six players, including Shelton, to end the match with Argentina’s 2-1 victory, before continuing its journey towards the second title in its history.

“What I disliked was that he never apologized. At no point did he acknowledge that he had cheated and wanted to apologize,” Shelton said.

He added, “Instead, he used the ‘hand of God.’ That was not appropriate.”

The distinguished former goalkeeper said that Maradona “had greatness, but he was not sporting.”

“My life has been closely linked to what Maradona did. And not in the way I wanted to,” added the player, who carried his country’s colors 15 times and won the European Cup of Champions League (now the European Champions League) twice with Nottingham Forest.

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The goalkeeper, who is now 71, continued, “but it saddens me to hear the news of his departure at this young age,” at the age of 60. “He is without any doubt the greatest player I have faced in my life.

Shelton recalled what happened in that match, specifically the second goal, which saw Maradona sift most of the England players, “It was a great goal, but we were convinced that had it not been for the first goal, he would not have scored the second.”

Shelton, who returned and reached the World Cup semi-finals with England four years later, when he lost against Germany in penalties, revealed that he refused several times to appear with Maradona, “My approach was the same, and it is my pleasure to appear if he wants to apologize.”

“I would shake his hand, but I did not give any impression that this might happen,” he said.

He added, “Once I was asked to participate in a talk show with him in Argentina. But again, things were not appropriate. I felt it was a gimmick so I stayed away and I think I made the right decision.”

Shelton wished that the goal by hand would not distort Maradona’s football career, “I hope this will not tarnish his career. As I said, he is among the greats like Pele .. He was a unique talent and it is hard to believe that he passed away at the age of 60.”


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